The Official HomeKit Updates Thread

@franz and I will use this thread to post weekly updates on the HomeKit project status. It was decided in the “Rachio 3 Not Responding in Homekit (Again)” thread that we would post weekly updates on Fridays regardless of the status of the project, meaning we will post an update whether there is news to share or not.

This thread will be “closed” for community comments but discussion can still take place in the original thread. Closed does not mean that we’re done talking about it, it’s just seemingly the only way to prevent replies at this time. Will update when the thread is officially closed.


4/9/2021 Update

Current status: mobile patches went out to fix the Wi-Fi update issue
Upcoming: platform work to support the new firmware


4/16/2021 Update
Current status: code is just about ready to be deployed to support the new firmware and Wi-Fi update issue
Upcoming: Beta testers - keep an eye out for more testing opportunities early next week!!! :tada:


For you @laura.bauman, :cheers: