Rachio 3 Not Responding in Homekit (Again)

I have yet to be able to add the Rachio 3 to my home app. It has never worked.

Hey @dVIAN_13! It was clear that most preferred a weekly update regardless of the project status, which I have relayed to the project team and the plan is to resume those weekly updates on Fridays. (Screenshot of poll results below)

Additionally, I like the idea of a separate, locked post for updates only… Could also keep this thread updating by sharing that link here whenever a new update is posted for those who are used to visiting this thread for an update.

If there is anyone opposed to that plan, please let me know before the end of the week (our next planned update is on Friday.)

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I vote for a locked thread with weekly updates from Rachio. There’s too much guessing in this current thread and the fact of the matter is there is a known bug with Homekit and the Rachio 3. All other suggestions are unique to individuals and aren’t suitable fixes for the masses. I agree that the folks (myself included) who purposely bought the Rachio because of its Homekit support deserve a software update to fix this issue. So, at this point, I’m ready to unsubscribe from this thread and instead subscribe to a weekly update thread from Rachio. I think it’s clear that all of us Homekit customers are starting to lose our patience (or have already done so) and with sprinkler season right around the corner, I just want to know when Rachio has a fix for us.


I happily relinquish this thread and look forward to weekly post.

Hopefully everyone will enjoy HomeKit as I have for the past year “versus” everyone’s getting fixed and mine getting broken… :joy::joy:

  • Chris aka Macsterguy signing off :+1:t3::grinning:

Yes you got a response. Laura, w/Rachio responded with a pole regarding status updates and also agreed that a separate thread would be made if users wanted that…

We could leave this thread open for users to Praise, help others, complain or gripe and keep the other update thread strictly for updates with no responses available.

Otherwise, the update thread will just turn into this thread.

How does that sound?

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I’ll plan to leave this thread open for anyone who wants to continue discussions or test out hacks/troubleshooting/etc. but will plan on creating an official HomeKit update locked thread with our first update post on Friday.

Thank you all SO much for the feedback here. I know how frustrating this has been and I’m determined to get this resolved for everyone (or at least do what I can as someone who isn’t cool enough to create/fix code :wink: )


Hey folks, I was just having a look at the Rachio app after the recent update I think it was yesterday or today…

Really really nice stuff.

  • The yard map is amazing. I know that it’s been around for a while but you can get very granular now.
  • New Dark mode.
  • My irrigation was set to go off at 8:45 tonight just a couple minutes ago but it skipped because the wind is over 20 mph…

I truly love this irrigation controller. Just saying

Personally I just care about HomeKit working.

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I am, personally I prefer the updates on this post. I check this post directly every day hoping for news on a fix.

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Thoughts on me posting a link to the “official” thread here whenever it’s posted on Fridays so it hits both places?


Here is the “official” updates thread. Will post links to this whenever we post something in there for those who would rather keep up with this thread.


Personally, I am fine with whatever you choose Laura. FYI, as the OP of this thread, my HomeKit works perfectly and I hope it gets fixed for others. I am happy to beta test future versions as I know the apple eco-system quite well so please call on me if you need to


That sounds great. I will be unsubscribing from this thread and just enable email notifications on the official update thread so I’m not notified every time someone comments. I’m only subscribed on this one so I do not miss any official updates.


So far mine is working correct;y since turning off IP6.
This also put an end to my gateway constantly rebooting.

I subscribed to it and looking forward to updates on the fix.

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Unfortunately I have too much stuff on my home network that relies on IPv6 to be disabling just for HomeKit on a sprinkler controller. Hopefully this revelation shines some new light on getting a fix out soon.

I’m curious what you need IP6 for?

My understanding of IP6 is so we have more IP address than under the old system and that is the only advantage.

That is true. If 6 is disabled devices should move to 4 after a network reboot

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I’ve had IPV6 disabled from the start and have just as many homekit issues as everyone else.

Once again without logic or reason, the Rachio works for some and not others.

I’m afraid of jinxing myself by saying this worked for me as it still hasn’t gone down since disabling IP6.

So odd and frustrating…