Official HomeKit Update Thread (Part 2)

Hi everybody,

This is the new Official HomeKit Update topic that will be used going forward. You can find the previous topic here

This topic will be updated fortnightly (next update will be on May 6th) with the status of our new firmware engineer’s progress. The work and updates had previously been paused while we focused on onboarding our new team member. They have resumed the work on this project in earnest.

You can be notified whenever this topic is updated by enabling notifications through the “bell” icon on the right side of the topic page under the scroll bar and select “Watching” (there is a tutorial here)

Please find the 04/22/22 update posted below:


Update 04/22/2022

Our firmware engineer is fully onboarded. Their Apple HomeKit testing environment has been established. They are currently testing and replicating working with Apple’s dev team through bi-weekly meetings.


Update 05/06/2022: Our partner has found a method to reliably reproduce the “No Response” error. This is an important step and positive progress because it give the engineer a reliable method for testing solution. Rachio is in the process of reproducing our partner’s findings and combing through the debug logs produced by the controller when the error is encountered.


Update 05/20/2022: After working with our partner, we have replicated the “No Response” error in our test environment. We have determined that the “No Response” error occurs when the Rachio 3 is switching between HomeKit hubs. The “No Response” is more likely to occur the more hubs that are present on the network. We are currently targeting our investigation into the root cause of these communication errors and will then work on scoping out the work to improve connectivity

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