Where did water usage by gallons go?


I have a flow meter installed on my Rachio controller. It was working fine until the V3 software update. Where did my usage by gallons go? I don’t care about overall minutes the controller was active for the month of March. Am I’m missing something or did flow meter control just disappear?


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This will be re-introduced to the app very, very, soon. :smile:



Thanks scorp508. I can’t believe someone thought ‘total minutes used’ will be more useful than gallons, especially for those of us who have gone to the expense and trouble to install the optional flow meter.


Hey Franz, thanks for the update. But “very, very soon” really means nothing to me, especially when I have customers who purchased this timer and flow meter at our recommendation. Your system ‘used’ to be more robust than your competitors. Our company installs quite a few of these machines and the flow meter function is one of the best selling points to your timer vs any number of other similar timers.

Was this merely an oversight? (and no, don’t tell me the minutes run is the new “flow” measurement. As others have stated, there’s no way to measure by minutes run) Was this a Microsoft of the 90’s and early 2000’s where V3 was simply not ready for the market, but you pushed it out anyway? Or is this something you’re going to remove completely, and I need to research a replacement system, which I really would be disappointed about??


For almost 2 years I’ve been urging Rachio to add features onto the flow meter interface to allow for alerts of high water usage. Alerts would ideally be triggered based on a threshold for each zone. I would think this would be a big selling point for your customers. I’ve been asking about this for 2 years, and been told it’s ‘on the enhancement list’, but I’ve seen no results.


@sdxeriscape @Nousername

Our client apps released today (Rachio App Update 3.1 🎉) will now show gallons used if you have an attached flow meter.

We also have some exciting news being announced tonight that I think you will enjoy :wink:



Excellent. Thank you!


I’d love for it to be a toggle even without a flow sensor. I’d take V2’s guesstimate over V3’s minutes. A single pool of “minutes used” being shown all up across all zones is a really awkward stat unless all zones are configured identically in the app and in real life. If my minutes saved are from some zone with 1 drip emitter it is a bit different than a zone with 6 rotary heads.

Waiting… :slight_smile:


For now I’ve lost that battle and am in this camp TBH. If the product team hears this from enough people it could become reality. :smile:



It’s a good camp. We have beer and steak tips and s’mores to go around. :cheers:


@franz +1 for @scorp508 's toggle option.


G’dammit! I want in that camp so bad now.


I hate that the gallons used and the bar charts have disappeared. Like someone else noted, this takes away much of the usefulness of the app. I do not have a flow meter, I want the functionality of V2 back. Gallons and bar charts for comparison. The point of buying a Rachio was the control usage, how could you take away the usage data. I have gone from being a big fan to someone who may have to shop for a replacement. PLEASE GIVE ME BACK MY USAGE DATA.


+1 for getting estimated gallons back

Did I miss this??


@sdxeriscape @johnny2678 – the wait is over! :wink:


I’m so excited to hear the flow meter triggered alerts is being implemented. I think this will be a key feature for many users, as it is for me. In Southern California, a single broken sprinkler zone can run up a huge bill. It happened to me on a dripper zone,ie 1 hour run time, that went undetected for only one week. I have 3, yes 3, Rachio controllers and currently only one has a flow controller because of the difficulty of a convenient location for both the flow meter and the necessary wiring to the controller. The new wireless flow meters will help a lot with that.


Another +1 for the toggle. I’ve said it elsewhere in the forums. Minutes are USELESS!!!


Bring back gallons! What the heck do minutes ran tell me? Nothing!



Don’t use a flow meter…I want my usage in gallons back!