Rachio App Update 3.1 🎉

We told you this was the season of innovation, and our next app update is already here!

Here are some of the new features included:

  • Usage graphs have been improved to give more insight into your water use.
  • Flow users “gallons” readings restored.
  • New updated web Remote and Quick Run.
  • UI improvements in zone selection on during schedule creation.
  • Improved moisture graph experience for international users.

Hope you guys enjoy the update, and we can’t wait to show you more of what this season has in store!



@mckynzee and @franz, at this rate you may need to reconsider the numbering scheme - if a new release is issued every 18 days, that would be over 20 per year, and version 2 was out there for about two years if memory serves me correctly. So incrementing in .1’s could result in 3.40 in a couple of years which could easily be confused with 3.4 (full stop). :smiling_imp:

But keep up the good work!



At this point I’m just happy to be releasing software again :wink:



Another common choice is to have YYMM in the version.

So the initial March sprint would be 3.1803.0 then dot updates from there. July would be 3.1807.0. Next Feb 3.1902.0, etc… and the final number can increment with each build within the sprint.


i agree with @franz releases are releases. Don’t care about numbering

Minutes of usage are useless. Give us back estimated gallons and the bar charts of v2. I DO NOT enjoy the update.

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