Where did water usage by gallons go?


Me too. I’ve been arguing with support over this. I rely on this data to when appealing my sewer bill as that bill is soley based on water usage and they have no way to determine what is going to my lawn vs. my home. Extremely disappointed in the way Rachio is handling this. They are completely ignoring their customers.


@franz, Add me to the group demanding a toggle to display usage in est. gallons rather than minutes. While I’m sure the new unit is great, I don’t plan on replacing my V2 controller. I know the gallons was an estimate, but there is a fairly simple way to adjust to make it quite accurate by zone, so please bring it back. Minutes are useless. If you need help trying to convince whoever it is being obdurate, please let me know and I’d give them a call… Or I could just drop by the office.


Displaying usage in gallons is a must, I agree. We also need a way to view that history, which looks like it got completely removed in the new app version. You can’t just do an app redesign and remove features that people are relying on.


Add me to the group of people wanting water usage by gallon back!


Totally get why folks want gallons back. In my case, it’d not be terribly useful unless I could tell Iro that I have 10 GPH total on a drip line in one zone without impacting the water rates (in/hr). TMI: As it is, I water the largest tree and scale down for my smaller trees on the same zone (e.g., four 1-GPH emitters on my largest tree and one 1-GPH emitter for my smallest tree on the same zone). This means I set Iro to water “only” the largest tree but that’s OK because I’ve taken that into account w/fewer emitters for the younger trees. I can’t wait for them all to be about the same size (canopy). Thankfully they’re all the same kind of trees (stone fruits in one zone, citrus & avocado in another; and young stone fruits apparently don’t mind a little more water than they really need)

Edit sometime after: realized I can multiply time by emitter total GPH for gallons if I wanted. Better if software did that repetitive task :-p


Come on Rachio, it’s time for a definitive answer on getting the gallons/minute back.




Us Californians really need your guesstimate on gallons used as our crazy governor just signed a bill limiting us to 55 gallons of water pp per day or face civil penalties. (Yes, you need to start avoiding the unwashed Californians who arrrive on planes in airports!)


Colorado has already put in place measures to protect us. :wink:

This was added back.



That’s indoor use per person by 2022 — outdoor use is yet to be determined.


Agreed. Liked the gallons estimates.