It’s here! Rachio V3.0 App Update Released

Hey @akashb-

Are you still seeing controllers offline? Sounds like they may have failed in receiving the new firmware that accompanied the app. Can you try power cycling your controller? If that doesn’t work, can you reach out to support?

McKynzee :rachio:

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Thanks for the response! I talked to support and had my issue resolved.


Congrats on the upgrade. Nice improvements. I have an Ambient IP weather station. When will I be able to use it’s rain data with Rachio? Right now I’d have to spend an additional $200 for WeatherBridge.


@Jimguzdziol56 - use @Gene 's service for free to migrate WeatherUnderground data to a place Aeris (which Rachio uses) can read the data. I’d recommend the beta version of as that is what Gene has been working on.


Hi absolutely hate this update.

First it reset my whole system that was working perfectly. Shame on the developers for allowing this to happen. Need more beta testing before rollout or at least a notification to users about the impact of changes and deletion of features.

My rotaries are watering huge amounts of time compared to everything else now and I still have not figured out how to get them back in line.

Second I no longer can see a graph of the estimated gallons used. That was a key feature when I made my purchase decision. Minutes watered does nothing for me.

Finally the history needs a summary of all the details. Bring back the graphics as they were easy to read and understand.

At this point I can not recommend Rachio to anyone unless the SW update is fixed or at the very least someone can tell me if I can reinstall the previous release.

Very unhappy.

Hi @kcaron-

I am sorry to hear your system was reset, this is not typical. I would recommend reaching out to support, as this sounds like a more serious issue.

Rachio has changed estimated gallons to minutes in order to give users more accurate reading. For more information on this decision, check out this article!

Can you give me more context as to how the new history is more difficult to read now? We thought the one consolidated feed would be an improvement, as well as the new, more specific icons. Any feedback would be appreciated!

All that being said, it may be easier to chat about this over the phone. If you are interested, I would love to talk about how we can improve in the future. Click here to schedule a call with me!

McKynzee :rachio:

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Hi @mckynzee,

I just checked the updated rachio app, and after exhaustively searching the app to find my water consumption, I came to the forums panicking to see if I am missing something.

If I understand your post above correctly, you guys have removed the water consumption tracking from the new app??? Please tell me that I misunderstood, and this is just something temporary!

I see you have added a minute usage tracking, but what does the minute usage mean? In 60 minutes of usage, I could be consuming 6 gallons or 600 gallons of water. How does the minute usage help me?

The single most important reason I purchased the rachio controller is that I could pair it with a water flow sensor (which I purchased for over $300) to track my water consumption.

If that feature has been now removed, it’s a deal breaker. I’m not only going to have to stop using rachio, but I will have to return it and demand my money back as this change drastically alters the described functionality of the controller.

Looking forward to an explanation.



More accurate of what exactly? :confused:

Gallons is an apples to apples (great card game BTW) measurement you can compare across zones if they’re setup well and a flow sensor is in place. I fully appreciate the fact that V2 had shortcomings on how to properly measure gallons which were not easy to overcome.

Minutes as a primary report axis don’t seem to provide the same insight as gallons. Happy to be wrong, but here’s what I see happening with this change. You may be able to compare a single zone to itself over time. It wouldn’t be useful to stitch all of the individual zone comparisons into one parent “minutes saved” report as each zone may have different head counts, flow rates, etc… which makes a minute of watering in each zone a completely different unit of measurement. Were the minutes saved on 6 head zones, 3 head zones, an emitter zone, etc.?

A single zone run twice for the same period of time may also be different units of measurement given water pressure is not always a perfect constant.

Example incoming…

March 15th two zones are watered starting at 5AM. Zone 5 and Zone 9 are watered for seven minutes each as the moisture levels were still adequate in all other zones. Let’s say the system was able to keep 40psi to the rotary heads during this time.

March 20th eight zones are watered starting at 5AM. Zones 1-8 are watered for seven minutes each. Sometime during Zone 4 you may deplete the home’s water pressure tank due to running the well too long without a delay to recharge the pressure tank. You’re still getting water, but not necessarily at the same pressure as you were for Zones 1-3. Maybe the last half of Zone 4 through 8 is only able to get 25psi. Your minute readings of Zones 4-8 are now entirely different animals from what they’d be if the pressure wasn’t impacted.

…example over.

Cookbooks do not read “Fill a measuring cup with water. Tip over for 3 seconds.” The result of those seconds may be wildly different depending on the angle the reader tipped the cup or the mouth on the cup.

Gas stations do not charge based on the number of seconds you had the pump trigger pulled. The flow rates vary if you have the trigger pulled in a little or a lot, or if one or twelve people are pumping from the same storage tank at the same time.

I’m totally happy to be told I’m a moron and <$REASON> is why minutes are accurate to use rather than gallons for a product which is primarily responsible for moving fluid through pipes. :slight_smile:

Without further explanation (that URL states nothing behind the actual reasoning) this change feels more like a decision was made to give up putting additional resources into getting gallons accurate and go with minutes as a cheaper method. It is probably an easier stat to report on, but in my mind not a reliable unit of measure on its own. Hopefully there is more work being done to improve the capabilities around measuring & reporting of gallons, and that will come back to the forefront in a future update.:crossed_fingers:


First of all, I admit it. I am a huge Rachio fan and love the product, so this is constructive criticism. I TOTALLY don’t get keeping track of number of minutes watered. I actually never did like the gallon stats – I was just too lazy to measure and get the square footage of my zones – none of them are a nice measurable rectangle. Plus, my water charges are in CCF. So I just pretty much ignored it. But it did make sense for the people who wanted to put in accurate measurements, and felt that they had correct rates on their nozzles. At least it might be kind of close for them.

But minutes? Makes no sense at all. My drip zones minutes mixed in with my rotor head minutes are useless. What does it mean to have minutes? And it’s just a total for the month, as least as best as I can figure out. Nothing by day. Nothing by zone.

With all the good things I see in this version, I just don’t get this one. I’m with you @scorp508. I’d be very happy to be wrong on this one. Perhaps I’m just not thinking it through the right way.



I like the fact that you are progressing forward with new features, but why is Rachio refusing to acknowledge the glaring ask and hole that the community has been stressing for years! HOW ABOUT ADDING A DELAY BETWEEN ZONES TO SAVE OUR WELL PUMPS! Seems like a simple ask, and without this BASIC FEATURE, many of the new features will ring hollow for me. Please listen to the community, this is the one glaring flaw in an otherwise good product!

Thank you!

I’ve had the same problem. Everything worked fine when I used the old app a week ago to set a rain delay. Updated to the new app, now I have to reconnect the controller and it keeps crashing when I do. :angry I’m assuming all my zones/data will be gone if/when I finally get access again. Just happy I didn’t update the app on my iPad as well, otherwise I’d be screwed.

What a mess! I’ve been trying to figure out why the app straight up stopped working, and came upon this thread. A few days ago the app stopped accepting my password and wouldn’t even send me a reset email. I’ve since had to recreate the account, reset the wifi on the controller, and now I’m back to square one on the app. It’s like my account never even existed despite having worked flawlessly for months!!!

I am one of the people whose data got wiped from their account. Now all my zones and other information has gone missing. How can I get this corrected?

@hcnate, @shockley . Thanks for bringing this up to our attention, we’ve looked into your accounts and everything looks normal now. I sent you PMs. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any other questions or concerns!


Thank goodness I came here and found all your posts. Thought I was losing my mind. We’ve had our system off for several months. Went to reactivate it yesterday: I can’t get logged in on my mobile device. My husband gets logged in, but then can’t see/do anything. All our data appears to be gone. I try resetting my password on the mobile app. It says it’s sending an email to me, but it doesn’t. I try resetting my password on a browser. That actually generates an email … but the password provided won’t get me in on mobile or browser.

After reading the discussion here, I deleted the app and was going to re-download it. Except it won’t actually download onto my phone.

Right now, I have a very expensive and completely useless pile of plastic and wires.

I have submitted a support ticket with Rachio, but have had no reply. What a nightmare.

It seems that consumption in gallons indication for the current month is now shown on the web portal again, though I still cannot see daily consumption or any historical data. That’s a good sign. I hope the Rachio team is working on restoring the full functionality of being able to track consumption in gallons.

Many users have previously requested consumption (in gallons) monitoring per zone. That would be an awesome feature, but I am happy with at least being able to see my total consumption.

Another very useful feature for those who are using a water flow meter would be allowing the users to set a threshold of maximum consumption per week (or day). If that threshold is exceeded, it could be an indication of a leak, and the user could be notified by e-mail or by a push notification.

Our new app update today (Rachio App Update 3.1 🎉) will show gallons if you have a flow sensor. We also now show # of weather skips and a couple other points of data.


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I just received the newsletter about your Rachio 3 controller + Wireless Flow Meter. Producing your own flow meter was a good idea and a good selling point over the competition, though I hope you will still support existing flow meters.

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Add me to the list of people who lost all settings and found a “Connect New Controller screen” as they went to the app (after noticing that the sprinklers were no longer going on). Went through linking controller again to find no setting remained and controller showing “offline” despite a flashing green light on the wifi. Sent in a ticket and guess i have to hand water for a while. Controller has worked great for the last two years now nothing.


The support team will be able to get everything setup for you. If you are still having issues after working through them just let me know.