Rachio Gen 3 unable to connect to WiFi

That is very disappointing news! I’ve already paid to have the unit installed by my irrigation company due to meeting all of the other prerequisite requirements. I will try to reach out through the support team for a workaround, but assuming there is no solution what can be done to help correct this situation??? As it is now, I will need to pay to have the unit uninstalled, the restocking fee online, and the hassle of buying a new/compatible controller, and paying for a new installation… This is not what I expected or wanted to deal with when buying the Rachio.

Ill followup with our support team to get additional information.


I certainly appreciate any help you/they can provide! I would much greatly prefer to find a solution to keep the rachio.

Me too :wink:

Is your mesh system still in the ‘return window’? Might be easiest to just replace it?

I’ve PMed you with more details.


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I, too, am unable to connect my Gen 3 to WiFi after having changed to a Mesh WiFi network this week. I have spent many hours repeating your troubleshooting steps with no success. I have also downloaded/run RouteThis and my key is HU7CQJ7Y. Please help.

Is this a Tenda Nova?

It’s to the MeshForce M1.

I believe it uses a Tenda chipset which we’ve had issues with. Definitely in no way a networking expert. I talked to our customer success team and they have been able to get Tenda Nova mesh working making sure the router has latest firmware and by using a guest network (dedicated band if possible).

Other than that our CS team might have other ideas but they are fairly queued up at the moment.

Someone else might have other ideas.


Unfortunately, I’m using the Mesh in bridge mode, so there is no guest network option available.

Mine won’t connect either.

RouteThis: 4QAYCUN4

I just installed Rachio 3…it won’t connect to wifi…please advise…

@JD50 - What mobile OS is being used to configure the Rachio? FYI, iOS seems to work best compared to Android.

Run the RouteThis app and send in the code returned to support@rachio.com as that will give them some information on the network.

Can the network be described?

  1. Router make/model
  2. Mesh Y/N
  3. US based or not?

Tenda Nova user here, and Rachio 3 still doesn’t work with it in the US. The setup process doesn’t even ask for a password. I was able to connect to the guest network, but none of my six zones actually worked. It’s been almost a year since issues were first reported, and no update. RoutThis key R2ZZ8RQG.

This is not difficult to troubleshoot. There are 4 possible issues:

  1. Can the app connect to the controller to ‘provision’ it with your Wi-Fi credentials?
  2. Can the controller associate to your Wi-Fi and obtain an IP address?
  3. Can the controller access the cloud server via your Wi-Fi?
  4. Once connected, can the controller operate your sprinklers?

Please try the following: Without running the app, perform step 2 of

Within two minutes, you should see quadrant 1 solidly lit and quadrant 2 flashing. If not, post details.
On your phone, go to Wi-Fi settings and look for an open network whose name begins with Rachio. Connect to that network. If you see a message about no internet, choose ‘stay connected’, after checking the option to not be asked again for this network.

Wait two minutes and confirm that your Wi-Fi is still connected to the Rachio network. If not, turn off mobile data, reconnect to the Rachio network and see whether you can now stay connected for two minutes. If not, post details.

Open your phone’s browser to
and confirm that you see this message:
File / not_found
Then, reconnect to your home Wi-Fi, open the app (you should see the controller offline) and go through the ‘Update Wi-Fi Network’ steps, without touching the controller, until you are asked for network name and password. Enter those and proceed; with luck the controller will connect to your Wi-Fi and the cloud server.

If it fails and trying again doesn’t help, please report the state of the indicators and what error(s) the app showed. Do you see the Rachio in the ‘connected devices’ or ‘client list’ in your router? Also, confirm that when you visit
you get a certificate error. If the browser just hangs or gives a ‘cannot connect’ or ‘host not responding’ error, you have a firewall setting issue that must be corrected before Rachio can access the cloud.

Once the app shows the controller as being online, do a quick run to test a zone. If it doesn’t water, confirm that water flows when you operate the valve manually, and confirm that the solenoid is receiving about 24 volts AC.

I’m having same issue.
We could not find your Rachio

Which router/access point do you have? make/model.

Verizon provided router