Rachio Gen 3 unable to connect to WiFi


Not able to connect my brand new Rachio. A bit disappointed but hoping for a quick fix.

Model: 8ZULW-C
SN: VC1520896

Please advise, tried 2.4/5ghz networks.

[Edit; Resolved, WiFi was turned off on phone. App didn’t complain, so didn’t know. Just said it couldn’t add so try resetting WiFi on Rachio…]


Another Tenda Nova MW6 user here that is unable to connect. There were some good deals on this WiFi system recently and is one of the cheaper mesh solutions so there may be some new users out there with issues. For now I can run a old access point for the Rachio but so far it is the only device I have out of 30+ devices in my home that have this issue.


@jaymode I’ll followup with our WiFi vendor next week to see if they’ve made any progress on this router.



I’ve had my gen 3 for 6 months with wifi issues off and on, usually fixed by power cycling. But for the last few weeks I have barely been able to connect. I have a Netgear Orbi router, which uses the same SSID for both bands. There is no option to use a separate SSID. Power cycling the router seems to help sometimes, but not for long. I shouldn’t have to power cycle a router daily to keep a single device happy. All other devices, including wifi cameras in the same area, work just fine. Why can’t Rachio fix these issues???


@inglewtx - I’d recommend running the RouteThis app and send the key into Rachio support so they can have some additional information on the network setup.


I also use a Netgear Orbi Router with 2 satellites and just one SSID and my Rachio Gen 3 works without a problem. I agree with @DLane recommendations


Also you might want to look at this Netgear thread: https://community.netgear.com/t5/Orbi/Firmware-2-2-1-210-released-as-of-10-3-18/td-p/1646960. There were lots of issues with this Orbi firmware, which gets updated automatically.


It’s time to toss the Netgear. I recommend Synology.


Thanks for the additional info Linn.

My Orbi router and 2 satellites are on the latest firmware, and have worked very well for all of my wifi devices
(including 8 high res wifi cameras) except the Rachio.

I’ve done RouteThis with Rachio support before, and we didn’t get anywhere. After I added the 2nd Orbi satellite near the Rachio, everything worked well for several months. But the Rachio has mostly been offline for the last 2 weeks or so, despite constant reboots (including the Orbi and satellites).

I’m not going to replace Orbi after such a significant investment, and when everything except Rachio works.


Hey @inglewtx!

Would you be up for working with our support team some more to see if we can work through this together? I didn’t see a response in your previous ticket regarding our agent’s suggestions, but we’d love to know the results! Feel free to start a new ticket or just respond to the previous one and we can get this sorted out ASAP :slight_smile:

:cheers: Lo


Thanks Laura… I definitely will. Naturally, the wifi connection started working for now (for no apparent reason), so I’ll wait and contact support the next time it goes down. Thanks


That’s how it always goes :slight_smile: The second you ask for help it miraculously works. Keep us posted!