iOS 14.2 WiFi issues

Agreed. Having same issue with iOS 14.2. It’s still not working.

Where are we with the fix to this? I still cannot gain access to Rachio Gen 3. This is horrible service in my opinion.

Is this the same controller that was replaced almost a year ago? If so, do you know how you lost access (nearby lightning strike, new router or access point, etc.)? How have you tried to regain access (list all devices you used including iOS version)? What errors did these show?

When you log in to, is the controller in your account? If not, do you know what may have caused that (even a factory reset of a controller without Wi-Fi couldn’t affect the back end)? If it is in your account, what is shown for the state e.g. offline?

Is the controller presently connected to your Wi-Fi? What do the light codes show? What have they shown when you attempted reconnection?

Do you have access to any phones, tablets or laptops that you have not yet tried (wife’s or kid’s phone, old phone without a SIM card, etc.)?

The workaround has been out for about a week. I was asking above for some additional details that I could use to provide further details. If you can get me that info, I may be able to help.

System hasn’t been responding. Reset the wifi to my controller. My controller says it is connected, but system still will not work. Is there a new app?? Happened after ios update.

Also the video in the reset mobile instructions is so small i can’t see it and the volume doesn’t play

When you log into from your computer, do you see the controller? Does it show as online? Can you run a zone manually? Do your schedules show as upcoming? Can you run a schedule manually?

I have the same issue. Can’t connect to HomeKit so stupidly tried to reset wifi and now won’t connect to wifi.

  1. I see the controller on but offline and can’t run anything manually
  2. trying steps to add via the instructions in app for iOS 14 via the setup new device rachio network results in failure with no indication why
  3. tried troubleshooting which repeated #2 with addition of airplane mode on phone (iPhone 11 pro running 14.2) which did nothing

Need this fixed urgently as I have new grass seed I now can’t water easily.

Were you able to get the controller into the ‘awaiting Wi-Fi’ state?

Assuming yes, what devices not running iOS 14 have you tried? What Wi-Fi devices not running iOS 14 do you have access to (old phone without SIM card, spouse’s or kid’s phone, Android or iOS tablet, Windows / Mac / Linux laptop, etc.)?

If you’re just trying to update WiFi, don’t attempt to add a new controller. You can actually update your Rachio’s WiFi without even opening the app.

If the second light is blinking (meaning your Rachio is waiting to join the network) follow these steps. If the second light (or quadrant if gen 3) isn’t blinking, reset the wifi again on your controller to get to that state (you can see here how to do that).

  1. Go into the iOS settings app
  2. Go to WiFi settings
  3. Under your network name and other networks around you, you should see your Rachio appear under accessories. Tap your Rachio
  4. Follow the instructions that iOS provides to select which network to connect the Rachio to

Zachio, I tried all that before I posted as I mentioned in my second point. I can connect to the Rachio network to set up new accessory, but it doesn’t complete and says that the process failed without further detail. Not very helpful of iOS.

Stewart, unfortunately I don’t have any iOS 13 devices. I didn’t realize I could doo this on a laptop, so I can try that.

Stewart, that worked THANK YOU. I was able to use a MacBook Pro (running Big Sur) to complete the setup. Clearly an incompatibility issue with iOS 14.2, but for others in the same boat, try a laptop if you have one.

I have a gen 3 that I am setting up for a client. I held down the reset Wifi button on the rachio, went into settings on my phone > wifi > selected the Rachio in “set up new device”. It goes to the "Setting up the accessory to join “wifi network name” for a while and ends up with… “Acessory set up - An unexpected error occurred. Try again.” I’ve tried over a dozen times and have ended up at the same error screen.

iOS 14.2 on an Iphone 11 Pro.

Please help.

Do the lights on the controller advance past the second light? Sometimes iOS gives us a false error even though the Rachio connects. If not, it could be related to this. Depending on when your device was manufactured, it may have an old firmware that doesn’t contain a fix for new iOS devices and some of the messages they send when connecting. That post outlines some workarounds you may be able to try.

I’m on the same boat but I have no access to a older device

This is frustrating beyond words

Ok, a friend lend me an older iPad, and tried to get this device online but couldn’t make it work

It is still alternating between 10 white pulses an red pulse in the fist quadrants of lights

Is there a way to force a special boot or to feed it a firmware somehow?
I was so happy, and now I would have to throw it

I could not connect using my Apple 11 phone but I could connect using a friend’s Apple 7 phone.

If you’re getting white blinking with one red, try unplugging the controller and pressing the down arrow on the directional pad for a few seconds to clear the charge. That light code indicates a boot up error. Unplugging should clear any memory (see light codes here).

The new iOS issue that the workaround was created for seems to be fixed in iOS 14.3 (probably will release to the public on Monday, December 14).

I have an Iphone 8 with the IOS 14.2
My brand new Rachio 3 would not set-up wifi
The Rachio rep spent 45 min with me and we decided that since my new Rachio 3 had a manufacture date of Dec 2019 (ya, go figure), that it needed to be swapped-out for one with the new firmware loaded onto it.
Bottomline…if you have IOS 14.2 or above on your phone, suggest you not waste hours thinking that you are doing something wrong (like I did, kicking the dog in frustration). It’s not you.
So now I’m waiting for the replacement. We will see…

I have an Iphone 11 and after getting a new router was not able to use the Rachio system.
A computer savvy friend helping me was able to set it up on his older phone.
Perhaps Rachio and the newer technology are having difficulties. Good luck with everything.
It’s nice when it’s all working right and the lady that came from Rachio to check things out was extremely helpful and accomodating as was the office staff in past communications.

If you have not yet disconnected and packed up the unit, be aware that you can use a Windows, Mac or Linux PC to connect Rachio to your Wi-Fi. See

Other possibilities include using an old phone (even if it doesn’t have a SIM card) or a tablet to establish the initial connection.

Or, you may have a kid, parent or friend with a compatible phone that can be used for initial setup. Once connected, Rachio will update itself and will then work fine with iOS 14.2 or newer.

A “forklift upgrade” should be a last resort.