I bought the wrong flow parts

I seem to have discovered this the hard way. The SharkBite reducing couplers U060LF I bought using the 3/4" copper installation instructions dont fit the ends of the flow meter! The outside diameter is too large for the 1" side of the coupler. And also for the U020LF 1" coupler - it also doesn’t fit the flow meter! Why wasnt this clearly explained in the instructions? A ball valve just wont work. It reduces the “inner diameter” too much and I could not get the flow I need. Eventually I liaised with SharkBite support and found that I could use a U724LF fitting reducer to make the junction. None of this is explained properly in what should be a professional installation manual.

@Olliesshop, sorry we missed your questions. We have not tested this brand and cannot comment on it’s compatibility with the flow meter. However from looking at it, I do not think it will work as it needs to convert from PVC (Iron Pipe Size) x CTS (Copper Tube Size).

When using the Sharkbite fitting, the White Collar side fits Sch. 40, 80, 120 PVC and also can be used on IPS CPVC Sch. 40 and Sch. 80 pipes (this is the side that fits the Rachio Flow Meter). The Mustard [Gold] collar side fits CTS Copper, PEX, CPVC or PE-RT pipe.

@nmstough – This fitting is intended to be used between 3/4" copper and 1" copper for the 1-inch transition pipe. As mentioned above, the fitting needs to convert from PVC (Iron Pipe Size) x CTS (Copper Tube Size).

This is detailed in the 3/4" Copper Installation Instructions:

This fitting is not listed in the installation instructions; we recommend Sharkbite UIP4020

Would you be willing to share a photo of your installation? Based on that fitting, sounds like it was sweated onto the 1" copper transition pipe?

I know you’ve been dissatisfied with our installation instructions/recommended fittings; other options are available as you’ve elected to install. Nevertheless, I stand behind the installation instructions my team has spent countless hours testing and researching to create a simple, affordable DIY installation for most homeowners.

I hope you enjoy the features and data the wireless flow meter will provide!

Disclaimer: Rachio recommended fittings and installation steps are outlined at rachio.com/flow (see step 5). Using any installation methods other than those recommended could damage the Wireless Flow Meter or void the warranty. Using glue of any kind will damage the flow meter and is NOT recommended.


I maintain the instructions are wrong about the fittings. It says there dont use U060LFZ, but I bought U060LF (without the Z) so I thought I was safe. Turns out the instructions are fake news. Only the fitting reducer works which should have been mentioned in the instructions. I am not using sweated on reducer. The fitting reducer has brass pipe 1" on one side and the SharkBite fitting 3/4" on the other so that you can put the 1" side into a copper dimension SharkBite fitting and the 3/4" will then connect to your 3/4" copper pipe on the other.

Why did I have to find this out the hard way when it is Rachios job to find this out and provide proper and correct information?

Because you absolutely insisted on using parts that weren’t in their instructions. That’s on you, not them.

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@nmstough, sorry but I’m still confused about which part of the instructions you think are wrong. The instructions call out these part numbers as shown in image below:

if you buy those connectors and use 1" section of copper as instructions call out between your main 3/4" line then that will work. I originally thought you had an issue with the ball valve of the 25551LF SharkBite due to not getting enough flow, but then you proposed a U724LF fitting which is confusing. The a U724LF fitting cannot replace the 25551LF SharkBite coupler with integrated ball valve, so where were you planning to use it?

No its not on me. I was originally told I could replace the ball valve with a 3/4" reducing coupler. This is because the instructions say that you only need 16" of 3/4" copper pipe. But as I already posted before thats also fake news. The ball valve handle extends way past so that will not work in my installation. You need more than 16" to account for the handle of the ball valve. And further, the ball valve restricts flow too much. Thats why I had to do my own research on this.

The fitting is the way to go, you combine it with the same kind of 1" PVC to 1" Copper coupling you have attached at the other end of the flow meter. OK, its 4 fittings instead of 3 but you can indeed fit it into 16" of piping and it avoids the restrictions of the ball valve.

Got it @nmstough. You are suggesting this configuration:

Sorry for the crudeness of my image hack, but I think it gets the point across.

That seems like a reasonable solution to eliminating the ball valve, with some additional cost. If flow was an additional reason to change to this configuration, you may also then want to eliminate the PEX inserts that are part of the SharkBites that aren’t needed. See my other thread if you haven’t already.

So complain about what someone told you, but not the instructions. If you follow them just as they are written, it works just fine. That’s what I did.

No you don’t. You could transition to an elbow where the handle is and the requirement is still met. They just care about 16" of straight pipe.

Purely in your opinion. You didn’t ‘have’ to do your own research, and obviously it didn’t go so well for you. If it ‘restricted flow too much’ I’m sure they wouldn’t have recommended it. You seem to have arbitrarily latched onto this issue and decided that you know their product better than they do. After using their products for 2.5 years I’m confident of the engineering work that Rachio puts behind their designs.

The only fake news here is that you didn’t take their offer of a full refund because you threw away your beloved $80 controller.

No, this company is full of fake news and fraudulent products. I threw away a lot more than $80 spending for a controller becoming a “paying” beta tester and now stuck with a hole in my irrigation line because I cannot force the flow meter into the pipe I cut.

Heres what happened to me in summary:

  1. Paid money in March and didnt receive the first part of the product until May. Didnt receive the second part until June. Thats irregular at best.

  2. App didnt work and I kept getting the bug to download new firmware. Wasted hours on that. Unpaid beta tester.

  3. Was not told in advance that I would need to allow for an extra 6" piece of copper pipe ahead of the flow meter and 3 or 4 fittings instead of the two depicted in the pics.

  4. Was given misinformation (by email, I have the records) that I could replace the ball valve with the same reducing coupling used on the other end of the flow meter.

  5. Instructions misleading with typos, but worse not properly explaining that there is a difference between diameter of the so-called 1" flow meter ends and the typical SharkBite fittings designed for copper.

  6. Ordered wrong parts and now I have to return them for only partial refund.

  7. Left with an open copper pipe gap after cutting the pipe because the flow meter requires stretching the gap with the existing piping, not possible in my situation.

Do you think this is a responsible company? And finally…

  1. Threatened with removal from this forum for speaking the truth instead of fake news Rachio.