Would you display a Rachio Yard Sign? :rachio:

This topic has popped up here and there, and I thought it was time to get a headcount. Answer the poll below so I can justify an order of yard signs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What do you think of Rachio yard signs?

  • I would buy a yard sign to rep Rachio and show everyone that I water smart.
  • I would display it if I received it for free, but I wouldn’t pay for it.
  • No way, my yard is too cool for signs.

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I had to comment on my No. I do not think my yard is too cool for signs but honestly I think something would happen to my sign or the unit itself. I live in a nice neighborhood, but like all neighborhoods, we have our issues. Like all homes in my area, our box is clearly located in the front yard on the side of the house and I do not feel like advertising openly to my expensive gadget that is just sitting on my wall with only a nail attached to the box.


@Modawg2k Are you using one of our outdoor enclosures? I believe we have them built in such a way where you could lock those enclosures up if you are looking for more security. It would at least keep good people honest, as they say.

I have a gen 1 so I bought this Orbit one, and it’s locked. I feel pretty safe with it out there, and Johnny Crackhead that walks the streets at night looking for unlocked cars usually would have no clue about irrigation controllers or what to do with them.


No sign for me. I also don’t put up a sign for what alarm monitoring company we use. I’ve had a couple folks ask what the Rachio box is when walking through our garage and that usually sparks a 5 minute conversation and demo.


We have a sign up since it is a major deterrent, it’s just not the current company we use.


The sign in my yard is for the current local company I use, but unlike some of the large nationwide companies that install the same system everywhere, the company I use installs all brands and goes based on the individual needs. No way to tell what the system is from the outside.

Our hoa is picky about any type of signs other than alarm or for sale/rent.

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I think that it really depends on what the sign actually looked like. I do love stickers and stuff though. I’d definitely wear a t-shirt. :smiley:

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I have a shirt, it’s good quality, but unfortunately my root beer belly is not as flattering in it… good thing I’m going to start working out again… soon


@Modawg2k when you start, be sure to celebrate with a nice cold beer :wink:
Expert trainers know what a well timed reward can do for motivation :vulcan:


Few if any will put signs in their yard just to tell about what products and services they use. BUT, Here’s how to make that work. Add a referral code to the sign. Give the user a kickback via paypal for each sale. Now there would be an incentive to display a sign. I live in a developing community. A neighbor just put in a system. After talking to him about my Rachio he’s ready to ask for a refund for his new controller and buy yours. My flower beds may look like crap, but my grass is always the greenest in the hood :wink:


signs like this aren’t allowed based on my HOA and i don’t think i would put it up anyway…

Update: Neighbor bought one today, no sign needed :wink:

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Referral code is actually not a bad idea at all.

Sure! I’d be happy to evangelize and extol the virtues of watering the Rachio way :smile:

(though it’s unfortunate that most people in my particular neighborhood have been converted to SkyDrop :frowning: )

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I want a yard sign. My personal preference. Proudly displayed Trump/Pence during election and will do the same for Rachio.


I’ll trade you.
Save me the hours I spend each week manually adjusting our now 80 stations of Rachio so that they do not overlap and still keep the vines and landscape alive in our 105 degree temp and I will gladly put up a sign… I know there are great things coming, and I do not want to be like the person who has said they have waited 6 years. It’s been 12 months by now, so at a reasonable hourly rate, I figure I have a very large time investment in Rachio… therefore I ‘see it as pay for play’ – you make it so that at least I can tell what controller is sending me a message (seems silly that they do not append the controller name to a message) and I will put up the sign :slight_smile: Steve

Just out of curiosity–are you talking about zones? How many controllers do you have? Could I assume you have more than 1 controller per block?

Just curious . . .