ISO Gen 1 Outdoor Enclosure or Compatible Alternative

I recently upgraded our home to the latest gen controller and would like to use the previous 1st gen controller at our lakehouse. The problem is that the lakehouse’s controller is outside. I’m at a loss as to where I can find the exterior enclosure that used to be available through Rachio and on Amazon. That leads me to two questions:

Is anyone aware of any sources that still have them in inventory?


Has anyone found a viable, reasonably-priced alternative exterior enclosure that is compatible with the Gen 1?

TIA for any assitance.

@Modawg2k seems to have had success with an Orbit enclosure (link), it is roughly a $32.50 option.


@ElJefeClicko Give me a week at the bakehouse and I’ll come install it :wink: It’s pretty easy, @Gene linked to the correct product. You can to turn it upside down because of how the power cord comes out of the units, but it’s real simple. Let me know if you have any install questions on it.

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@Modawg2k, based on your description above, you’re already plenty close to a “bakehouse”. :wink: But seriously, thanks for the tips…this is exactly what I was hoping to hear. Much appreciated.


I skipped over the Orbit because I wasn’t sure I could make Rachio fit, so I went with a much larger enclosure that has a ton of room in it…at the time, Rachio was selling them for cheap, but now the only places I can find it are well over $80 (generic enclosure). After seeing @Modawg2k, I like the Orbit box a bit better…

Not my install, but this is the box I used…

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