Would you display a Rachio Yard Sign? :rachio:

Wouldn’t object to a sign but HOA prohibits signage and even has strict guidelines on home for sale signs. However, we LOVE our Rachio Gen 2 here in Central Florida.

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Stations, zones, valves… all one and the same…
Goal is to wisely use water, while watching the water tank level at all times. Tank is actually 5000 gallon, but 2500 of it belongs to fire department via the fire hydrant that exists next to the garage. I drain the entire tank 2-3x per year (into the irrigation) to keep the water fresh. After about 14 years of use the tank is generally in good shape internally.

For the vineyard I only have 8 zones allocated and most of them are due to logical branches of the irrigation system pipes. Several are ‘dedicated’ in locations where the topography or soil conditions are suitably different from other areas to require different water patterns. Remember that vines (at least in most irrigated vineyards in California) are 100% drip, and the vine want to get deep watering so we may have 0.5 gph emitters that run for 3 hours at 12" spacing in some places and 1-2 gph that run for 1.5 hours based on how the water is percolating downward from the emmitter droplet. It is far from a perfected science. The rest of the zones are for the planters, roses, lawns and. except the lawns, most are direct drip emitters designed to avoid runoff and maximize water efficiency. I would say the vines and roses are >90% efficient, planters and tress only about 80% and the lawn…

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Confused. How many controllers do you Have? Eighty zones/valves - you have more zones than a nearby commercial corporate campus. They have 55 zones for a 25 acre campus. I am all for Rachio, but if you have a system this large you probably need a two-wire commercial controller like Rain Master Eagle Plus with zip ET.

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You just might have to put up that sign. :wink: I only have two controllers and a total of 9 zones. I receive messages like this: “Based on weather conditions, the next scheduled watering time for Zone 5 Back on your Ethel controller will be skipped.” I do know which controller that rain skip refers to by what I named them. If you click on “Device Settings”, then the controller, you will see “Device Name” and you will be able to name the controller anyway that fits your needs.

Thanks for answering my questions and sharing your set up. Very interesting to me. Sounds like a lot of work and a labor of love, but oenophiles who visit your vineyard will thank you!:wine_glass:

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You know, i believe I responded to the wrong discussion.

Rachio might consider an agriculture version that works via cellular service. In this case there would need to be crop coefficient for vegetables, fruit trees, grapes, pecan trees, strawberries and other key categories like cotton, soybeans or turfgrass farms. There would need to be drip irrigation settings, impact sprinklers, center pivot. There are products like this but they charge a boatload of money for the product and cell service. A new division: Rachio Ag!

My personal feeling is that a set up like mine is not the norm, and I really want the rachio team to focus on the next version, which will no doubt include an incredible number of new features and existing user requests… Please, oh please… one last thing - can it be soon…

My bet is they won’t roll out Gen 3 until the Irrigation Show in Orlando during November. I hope I am wrong

Not in the least, they had Putin propping them up.


@robertokc Are you talking about International Pool Spa Patio expo?

Edit: Never mind, you probably mean Irrigation Show 2017.

Yes, this year the IA show is in Orlando.

For $100 I’ll tattoo the rachio tree on my left ass check…$1000 for a Mike Tyson…

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Done :rachio: