What does firmware iro3-firmware-hk-5-632 bring to the table?

I updated my controller this evening to iro3-firmware-hk-5-632 and still no HomeKit ( lost HomeKit with …630)… When I have the time, I will attempt a new set-up by deleting and re-installing HomeKit and re-updating my controller to see if that will fix the issue. I’m just stalling since I have to many devices to reset up.

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New FW and HomeKit still broke? Thats a shame… no hurry to update to it then.

Rachio 2 was updated to iro2-firmware-5-119. @Michael_I, can you please start including changelogs when new releases come out?

@meckisland, that is definitely something we can do. Would you like them posted on the website or community or both?



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Both. You could start with posting the change log for us on this thread.

Both places would be great!

Same question for iro3-firmware-hk-5-631. I just updated yesterday from unknown previous release and my wireless flowmeter ceased connecting and HomeKit interface stopped working (timing out). Cannot re-add via HomeKit. But the flowmeter issue is the real disaster !

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@Michael_I how is publishing that change log coming a long?

My WFM also stopped working as well after an update to 632. Going to try a battery removal.

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Afternoon @KevBo and @gizbug.

In talking with the team, the 631 firmware update was to enhance 8 zone lite functionality.

We getting support cases on the WFM issue and we are starting our investigation.

Thanks everyone and I will be updating on the HomeKit progress as well later this afternoon.



Thanks for the update. I have a 16 station Rachio 3. HomeKit not quite as important for me as Flow Meter since I’m right in the middle of fixing broken heads, damaged drip lines, etc. and the flowmeter is invaluable.

Tried a battery pull on the WFM, no go. App is saying it “requires pairing.” Details of the unit show status as disconnected, with n/a for both battery and signal strength. Trying to add the same unit by serial returns an already exists notice. I don’t see how to delete a pairing, if that’s a road to try.

@DougR, If it’s any consolation, the battery pull didn’t work for me either. For me the app timed out when I tried to re-pair. Then I actually did a “Remove Flow Meter” and tried to re-add via serial number. I was able to add, but got the same result when I tried to pair - pairing times out.

@KevBo, that settles re-pairing then. Where do you see the “remove flow meter” option?

For me, on iOS, it’s at the bottom of the flow meter status window in red.

@KevBo , did you find a solution? I did a controller reset found elsewhere to no avail. I never see the “remove flow meter” option in the Android app. Before or after the reset. Incidentally, after the reset the firmware indicated was 615. Then mysteriously went back to 632 without my intervention a day or so later when I checked again.

So still no flow meter for me.

Glad I found this thread. Same boat with the WFM. Worked fine last week and then dead. I only noticed the issue when all zones were running daily for their full runtime. I thought this was weird so I opened the app and found all zones saying they were at 0% soil moisture.

I did a batter pull but the WFM would not pair. I kept getting the pairing is taking too long error. The WFM did finally connect on its own but now shows no signal strength. The weird part is I was still able to reliably recalibrate all zones with supposedly no WFM signal.

Hoping a firmware update fixes the issue.

@Aquaman30k, I had to kick down to a previous firmware to get WFM function again.

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If you power cycle the controller the flow meter should be abke to reconnect.


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I power cycled the R3 twice with no success. After letting them both sit for several hours the WFM did finally reconnect on its own.

I’ll try the older firmware to see if the WFM signal strength returns.

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