WFM not working after 632 firmware upgrade

I lost use of the WFM after a manual update to 632 about 2 weeks ago.

I’m on Android and have never seen the “remove flow meter” option under the “pairing” button that some iOS users have screenshotted.

I did a factory reset of the controller with no change to WFM connectivity. After the reset, incidentally, firmware indicated was 615, but then reverted without my intervention to 632 at some point when I checked again later. I’ve removed the WFM’s batteries as well.

What are my next steps?

If you PM me the serial number I will have the engineering team revert the firmware.


So are we saying 632 won’t work with flow meter? Mine is disconnected also @franz

I will PM you.

Reversion to 615 resolved it, with no intervention on my part. Thank you!

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Same here. Rachio reverted me back to 615 and it paired up. Thanks

@franz I am having the same connectivity issue. Wondering if I switch from 632 to 615 if it will resolve my issue as well?