Well, who's pumped for the next release?

Rachio’s 3.2 app update released today, and we wanted to show off what’s new!

The Up Next cards were revamped and can now be tapped for more information! Check out what zones will be running in your schedule, or see why a run is getting skipped due to weather, all straight from the Home screen.

Our new Delay Between Zones feature was added to improve the experience for our customers on wells or pumps. To use this feature, you must first enable a well or pump start relay in your controller settings. This will enable the Delay Between Zones feature in the Cycle and Soak section of a schedule!

Some other smaller updates…

  • The Quick Run button was changed to make it easier for users to discover.
  • Transferring settings from your old controller to your new controller can now be done during onboarding.
  • The Quick Run stop button issue on Gen 1s was resolved.
  • Other general performance enhancements and bug fixes.

Keep sharing your feedback about the Rachio app. We are listening and working as fast as we can to get new features into your hands! Thank you for being part of our community and helping us get our product to where it is today!

McKynzee :rachio:


@mckynzee you rock! This is the best release ever :wink:



Ohhhhh snap that title, @mckynzee!

Rachio is currently in a state of …

In Mike Rowe’s voice: Suddenly an awkward silence falls upon the crowd of well pump delay supporters which has not been heard in years. Their typical utterances once considered a more well oiled rhythm than even the Benedictine Monk’s Gregorian Chants, suddenly gone. Local wildlife raise their heads from the grasses they graze upon and look about. They feel a disturbance in the world around them. Unsure of what to do next, the well pump supporter crowd slowly lower their torches, gather to discuss, and begin to ponder upon what to complain about next. Slowly they retreat from the drawbridge to regroup, some making claims they’ll return stronger and more determined. Others simply look back over their shoulders with a slightly perplexed look, wondering if the previous night’s indulgences on imported absinthe is playing tricks on their minds.


@scorp508 You are putting @plainsane 's GIF choosing skills to shame.


New photo by ashley stovall
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@plainsane No worky :disappointed:

Too big I guess…


Nice improvements to the Up Next cards, but once the card is clicked I still think there’s a missed opportunity to link to the zone directly.

If I want to see why a zone is set to water, I have to click back out of the what’s next card, then click zones, then find the zone in question.

Instead, you could just click the zone in the Up Next card and go straight to that zone’s settings.

Same goes for the Calendar card at the top of the dashboard.



@johnny2678 Excellent points! In the next couple of releases, you will continue to see better linking in the app between screens.


@timber, just to take it one step further - in another thread a user suggested linking directly to the moisture charts from anywhere in the app a zone is referenced.

I humbly submit, there’s plenty of real-estate to add a link to both the moisture charts and the zone settings from the zones screen:

or the up next cards:

If you’re worried about making the interface too busy, you could make it an option in settings to show these links.

my $0.02…



Ready to join our UI team? :wink:


Depends… my hourly rate is between 2-4 beers / hour :wink:

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Definitely within our budget.



@johnny2678 - make sure @Franz provides Coors Banquet and not Keystone Light.


Nice job. I’m guessing some new programmers or new trained

Another version that won’t work with a Windows computer? No thanks. One dead Gen2 controller is enough. Pass.
But at least you fixed the wire connectors.
Gotta go run my unit the old fashioned away. By pushing buttons.

Hey @LawnJockey-

Are you referring to the web app working on a Windows computer?

PS- I reached out on your other thread as well.

McKynzee :rachio:

What does this mean? Are you hoping for a UWP version?

Two things to report with the app V3.2

1st - Inside the “Zones” the “Hide Disabled” option is broken for me. I have two zones not currently in use and the app still showing them even after selected “Hide Disabled”. It was working before.

2nd - I find the floating green “Quick Run” button an intrussive object. It can be located in the bottom after the usage report like a banner from side to side instead of a floating button. Or maybe could b located inside the Zones tab.

Great work with the V3…

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