Well, who's pumped for the next release?



Are you using iOS, Android, or the webapp?

I will relay this feedback to the product team! I know there has been a lot of discussion around this topic :wink:

Thank you!



@franz - iOS 11.3 in a iPhone X. Just tested webapp an its working fine.

I hope they can modify it :slight_smile: Its a beautiful app with an intrusive object in the home screen.


OK great, I’ll work with the team on resolving this.



@fpuig This should be resolved :smile:

No app update necessary.



It’s fixed.

Thanks guys.


Just want a simple working Rachio,com where one can log in on Windows, set things and be done. It used to work in Windows without the hassle of Android or Apple phones.


https://app.rach.io doesn’t do that as an OS agnostic browser method of accessing your configuration? I admit I haven’t used it much so there may be limitations I’m unaware of. I ditched my Windows Phone long ago and now use an iPhone, but the site just opened in Edge and seems to work.


Yay, I am ordering a 16 zone today :crazy_face:

Just in time.
Congrats on finally delivering this feature.


Looks Great, seeing this reminded me of a feature I’d like to see.
How about a spot for NOTES somewhere in the individual zone pages.
I’ve been using my zone names to place some relevant info but if there were an area where I could add a bit of detail, like when to feed or prune certain zones or plants within a zone… one stop nivana.


Removed Rachio.


Definitely you have serious internet / network issues if you can’t have a Rachio controller to work.


Everything on the network works fine except for the Rachio (which shows up on the network) which won’t install the controller even via a borrowed iPhone, one of two approved methods. As of now, the controller is a brick. T


Hey @LawnJockey, have you reached out to our support team? They would be happy to help you troubleshoot and get your controller online. In the mean time, I’d recommend you complete a WiFi scan so we can check to see what might be causing issues with your network.

All that said, we do not plan to support Windows mobile devices in the near future. An Apple or Android device is required to activate the controller and reconnect it to WiFi should your WiFi network credentials change. If this is a deal breaker for you, I’d be happy to help you find another WiFi sprinkler controller that will meet your needs.


Removed Rachio. RainMachine works just fine. Easy to install and no need for a phone.


Well, obviously you people get paid by the cutsie questions you throw into the app. Here’s a clue for you who have never worked in the field - literally: the controller cares Not At All about the style of emitter, the soil conditions, other cute ideas you have. The controller only cares about when it goes on and when it goes off. And you know what — that’s what your clients purchased the controller for.

How can you have a screen which says Schedule Run that shows only the times – doesn’t include frequency!! And that’s not even the screen where you actually Schedule.

Please don’t update me again – I’m tired of having to re-enter all my schedules. I’m tired of you turning off my schedules so that plants die. In Arizona one day of water is a life and death issue.

Your last update deleted entirely the zone that was running at the time.

Please, give the proposed update to people who haven’t used it to field test. Or stop paying your programmers by the cute-ness and pay them to eliminate redundant screens.

Rita Brown


What is the use of “Quick Run”? It only stays on for 10 minutes. Entering a longer time has no effect, it only runs for 10 minutes. I can’t walk my zone in 10 minutes to check operation. Why can we not input numerals? Why can we not select to augment the zone schedule by just selecting run and enter numerals for 12 hours run. As it is now, I have to disrupt the schedule, enter a complete new schedule just for an extra water session.


How about a simple "On now for (numerically enter length of time, not the tap-to-advance-minute-by-minute that is there now)?


Ten hours is the limit of time I can run my Controller in a drip zone?!?! Seriously? Do you know we actually grow trees in the desert? And do you know how we do it efficiently?


Can you clarify “Transferring settings from your old controller to your new controller can now be done during on-boarding.” How is it done?



When you add a new controller through the app, if you have existing controllers (same number or less zones than the new controller), it will prompt you to copy settings from the existing controller to the newly installed controller.


Transferring zone settings to new Rachio 3?