Weird and incorrect dates displayed in intelligence

I never noticed this before, and it may be new, but… (web app; using Safari)
CleanShot 2023-01-03 at 00.27.21

Today (when screenshot taken), is early AM on Tue Jan 3. I would expect that to be shown left-most, and it is, but then:

  • It jumps 10 days ahead to 1/13
  • and starts working back toward Sat 1/7 (the backwards part is weird and not useful)
  • and for some reason the “closest” days are not labelled with a date, but just a day name (which might have been OK if they were adjacent to today, but even that Sat would not be adjacent)
  • Then we jump again to 1/17 which one would think would have to be a Fri based on the backwards counting, but the next one (1/17) is actually called Fri, and 1/17 is actually a Tue

This, my friends is Rachio messed up :-). Things appear OK in the iOS app.

This has been reported several times in the last year. Rachio has stated they aren’t investing in the web UI

I have the same thing on the webpage. Today is Jan 10th and I see it starting on Jan 21

Mobile phone correct