Weird calendar display on the web interface

Today is 5/8 and I have zero idea what the calendar is talking about…

I am having the same issue and have reported it to Rachio. I’m told they are looking into it, but I reported it on May 1st and still don’t have a fix.

It happens on multiple computers (and the time on the computer is correct). It happens on Chrome and Edge. I have signed out and back in and it still is wrong.

It is correct on my phone.


A very similar presentation is on the Android app too. It looks like Rachio “inserted” a schedule listing between the schedule icons across the top and the monthly usage data. When in the smartphone app, it takes up a ton of real estate on the home screen and makes you scroll to the bottom to get usage. I have pointed this out to support and requested a rollback to the old app display or have the ability to hide the schedule listing.

Please add me to this list, although Android phone interface is correct. Windows 10 suddenly went all weird about a week ago.

Same here. Also reported here recently

I noticed the same thing on my MacBook using Safari. The mobile apps is working though.

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Same issue here.

My calendar says system off on 5/23 yet the sprinklers were running last evening and when I check the history by zone the watering was confirmed. Can’t be sure the planned schedule on calendar will happen?
Also, does anyone know what is typical soil type for Los Angeles foothills?

I have received this same response from Rachio support for the last 6 weeks when I ask for an update on fixing this issue.

Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience.

I am afraid I dont have an ETA for now since the engineering team has a list of issues they need to take care of. They said they will fix that, but I just dont know when will be it, I am afraid.

Let us know if there are any other questions meanwhile.

I beginning to believe the rumors I hear about the desktop application going away are true and that they are not spending any effort to fix this. I use the desktop much more often than the app so that would be very disappointing.


It’s October and it still does this. I believe Rachio when they say they don’t know when it will be fixed.

Well, they have said that they have plans to do away with the web interface, so I doubt fixing anything there is top priority.

There is a whole thread with people asking to not do away with it. Not sure if that is enough for Rachio to keep it around or not…

This happens for a while then goes away, then comes back. I’m seeing it now on Chrome / Windows 10. It shows 11/4, 11/6, 11/5, Tue, Thu, Wed, Fri, Sat, 10/31.
Displays properly in the Android app.

6 months is a long time to ignore a malfunctioning core feature (displaying the schedule for a sprinkler controller).

Well, again, they have made the announcement that they had intentions of doing away with the web interface. I don’t know if the community displeasure with that changed their minds, but if not, I doubt they are going to sink resources into something that is going away…

It’s Dec 20, 2022 and the web based calendar display mess Issue is still present and no fix yet. The web interface hasn’t been done away with either and I’m glad it’s still functional.

Very disappointed that Rachio cannot fix something seemingly so simple in over 8 months. The web interface often is much easier to use on a bigger screen. The calendar issue is very annoying but there are a few other things that get messed up in zone setup when you use the web app. Rachio needs to get on this. The web app is important to many users.