Weird calendar display on the web interface

Today is 5/8 and I have zero idea what the calendar is talking about…

I am having the same issue and have reported it to Rachio. I’m told they are looking into it, but I reported it on May 1st and still don’t have a fix.

It happens on multiple computers (and the time on the computer is correct). It happens on Chrome and Edge. I have signed out and back in and it still is wrong.

It is correct on my phone.


A very similar presentation is on the Android app too. It looks like Rachio “inserted” a schedule listing between the schedule icons across the top and the monthly usage data. When in the smartphone app, it takes up a ton of real estate on the home screen and makes you scroll to the bottom to get usage. I have pointed this out to support and requested a rollback to the old app display or have the ability to hide the schedule listing.

Please add me to this list, although Android phone interface is correct. Windows 10 suddenly went all weird about a week ago.

Same here. Also reported here recently

I noticed the same thing on my MacBook using Safari. The mobile apps is working though.

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