Weather Intelligence Plus not updating forecast


I just setup my new rachio 3, 3 days ago and in weather forecast it’s showing it will be raining today tomorrow and day after. That’s how weather was predicted couple days ago but now the weather has changed and it will not rain today, tomorrow or day after tomorrow. When I refresh the app it doesn’t update forcast and it’s showing schedule skip watering for today tomorrow and day after tomorrow. My zip code is 30152



I’ll have the engineering team review the weather for the controller. Forecasts should be updated hourly.




I had the team verify and we are reporting the correct data received, but you are right, the forecast we are receiving looks a bit off. I’ve forwarded this information to our weather provider and will let you know more information when we have it.



Thanks for looking into this.



This was indeed an issue with forecasting. In our entire time using this weather provider I can’t remember ever having an issue with forecasts, its usually observations from stations that is sometimes problematic.

Resolution below:


The team has found the cause of the forecast temperature issue. The issue was related to days 1-3 of the forecast for some US locations. The core issue was by data transfer failure to a subset of our internal forecast servers that generate point forecasts upon request.

For an immediate solution, the team forced a manual data to push to force an update on these servers, which resolved the issue. The team also performed an invalidation of all forecasts on the CDN to clear any potential bad data.

While the immediate issue is resolved, I will leave this ticket open until Monday, as we will providing a situation report to provide additional detail.

Again the issue should be resolved, but of course, let us know if you notice any further issues.



It’s still showing continue rain for whole week which is not true. All the other weather sites and apps states no rain or very minimum chance of rain for whole week. is it picking up 10% chance of rain as definitely rain? I am loosing trust in this whole weather intelligence plus feature. Again my zip code is 30152.


I’ll review this weather information with our provider and let you know what their response is.




The team has identified the issue with the controller’s weather network and will have a fix out tonight.



@franz - is the weather forecast from the new weather provider public? Do they have a website?



We are doing a best of breed between interpolated data, Aeris, and Weather Underground. If I have time I’ll document our approach. IMHO, if you know of an accurate station near your house (PWS or National) choosing that is always going to be the most accurate data.




This issue is now resolved.



Yep looks like it’s fixed. Thanks for making it quick.


I am not sure where the Rachio pulling the weather data from but I compared the Rachio app weather forecast data to other sites and it was off. But now it lines up with other sites.


The weather data has improved but I think it’s still off see attached images


The weather forecasts look very similar. Our values will never exactly match another weather forecast, but they will be close. I believe we display a different icon due to scattered showers. Hopefully our forecasts are more accurate.



Oh ok. Thanks for explanation

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I have a few days on my schedule with 20 percent or less rain chance but it still shows rain. Seems like the rain icon may need a little tweaking.


Ya, our forecaster reports isolated showers in those cases.:wink: Unfortunately with the icon hard to differentiate.



@franz I just upgraded from the Rachio v2 to the V3 a couple of weeks ago. I am experiencing a similar situation where the controller did not issue a rain skip even though it had been raining non-stop here in Florida every day. In fact, the forecast shows totally clear even though we have Tropical Storm Alberto rainbands overhead for last few days. Any chance you can please look into this? I realize I can switch to a local PWS, but the whole reason I upgrade was supposedly more accurate weather reporting with Weather Intelligence Plus.