Weather Intelligence Plus not updating forecast

Looks like you just missed your precipitation threshold. We observed .23 inches of precipitation but the threshold is set for .25 inches. I would try lowering it. I also do recommend if you want the most accurate data finding a close by PWS is the best bet. With our new weather network I’ve determined that 78% of our customers are within 1 miles of a PWS from Weather Underground (95% are within 2 miles). With our other PWS weather network on Gen2 it’s only about 8%. Interpolated data will never be as accurate as a good station near your house. I’m working on “self healing” stations for people that do choose a station in weather intelligence plus. Hope to have that soon.



Screenshot from 2018-05-27 12-22-57

@franz yes I have it set high by design since it rains so much here in Florida. My issue is that it has rained 1-2" every day this past week and the forecast for after the watering day called for over 4", yet it showed nothing but sunny days…

With regard to leveraging a PWS nearby, then why advertise the Rachio 3 as better intelligence over the v2? The only reason I upgraded was for more accuracy and basically the only real difference between the 2 and 3 was the weather intelligence. Now you are saying PWS is better. A little confused here…

We tried modifying icons since some people were concerned when they saw rain icons and it was just thunderstorms. I’ve changed back to thunder icons to err on side of caution.

It does have much better weather intelligence than Gen1/2. We give the user two distinct options now.

  1. Interpolated weather data that you don’t have to worry about stations going down or not reporting precipitation which takes the burden off the homeowner of making sure they have an accurate reporting station. Interpolated data is great but won’t be exactly the measured amount that a PWS would give you near the house.

  2. The ability to choose from over 250,000 PWS stations (Gen 1/2 has about 40,000 PWS stations). I’m also wrapping up a WI plus feature that will self “heal” a chosen station, always making sure you are using one that is online, automatically choosing the next closest station.

The charts below shows forecasted precipitation for your area which looks accurate. I’d try flex daily with one zone if you would like to see the benefits of your watering schedule changing dynamically. Also included a screenshot of the current weather icons. If you refresh your dashboard you should see them.

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Is the WUnderground forecast still pushed out hourly? The WU website shows a forecast of 0.25 in of rain for tomorrow but the app and water journal pages aren’t reflecting this and are attempting a run of the schedule tomorrow (5/30/19). Thanks!