Weather Intelligence - looking ahead for rain


I like my rachio controller a lot, just thinking about switching back to rainmachine since it looks forward too, not just backwards. That is the only feature I am missing on the rachio. Is there any plans to add forward looking weather to see if any rain is in the forecast and skip watering? Something like if the rain percentage is 50% or greater then skip?

Last summer my system watered many times when there was a significant rain chance that day and I wasted water.

Only solution I found was to water at night but that is never a good idea and leads to disease as I live in Houston with wild temp swings.

I agree with you.
I opened the two similar discussion, but received no answer from Rachio.

I suspect they don’t want to reply.

The system does look at today’s forecast to determine weather intelligence skips.

This is one of the features we are very proud of, since it is much more sophisticated than a simple rain sensor.

Is this the information you were looking for?


Hey Franz,

I put it to the lowest setting to see if that will help. Had it at .125" which may have been my issue.

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@DJ-KT, do you have days which you can’t water(i.e. water restrictions)? Because this too will have an impact on whether the controller will water. Here in The Woodlands, we are restricted to two days a week and sometimes the controller knows it won’t be able to stretch it out that long and will decide to water based on that as well.


Hi @franz
no, it’s not the answer I was looking for.
Please look at my thread and analyze it in order to find out where it failed.

thanks a lot.

Our forecasting network will have different data than the Weather Network. On that date/time I don’t know how much our weather service was forecasting (Aeris) differently than the source you were viewing.


thanks @franz for your explanation. Can you tell me which weather service you use in Europe?


This is used for our global coverage.


He told you in his last post. Aeris, which is widely used Weather Data API. Where/how they compile forecasting, I couldn’t tell you.

thanks Franz.
I thought you had different partners in Europe.

I will monitor then Aerisweather forecast and report back in case of issues.

thanks again for your reply.


Hi @franz
I found my problem: My location is not correctly covered by AERIS

Can you help me out?