Shall we trust Weather Intelligence +?

I have been monitoring the Weather Intelligence + rain skip events and would like to share with you my findings:
Here is the 36 hours weather forecast for my location (from The Weather Network - Italy, Varazze (SV)): 50 mm of precipitation

Despite of that huge amount of rain forecasted, just now at 8pm my sprinklers were activated.
To be honest, I would have expected to have a rain skip.

Has Weather Intelligence stopped working?

Any clue will be appreciated.

I can’t answer your main question, but if you have a local, reliable weather station, I recommend switching to that instead of using WI+. WI+ is great for those with no nearby stations (better than nothing). Actual nearby measured values will always trump statistical values.

That being said, there is a certain amount of forecasted weather that smart weather features like Skip rely on. If a crop has great sensitively such as lettuces, Flex may not be the best schedule to use.


Hi @Kubisuro
thanks for your reply.
Regarding your suggestion of using a nearby PWS, I could use mine own PWS that is connected to WU network.
But I have the folowing considerations:

  1. Accuracy: on Rachio instructions, they suggest to use WI+ instead of a PWS as it’s more accurate (they say: “Weather Network: aggregating data from 300.000+ weather stations and other sources for HYPERLOCAL weather”)
  2. Reliability: my PWS could go offline for any reason (battery, internet connection, fault, etc.)
  3. Forecast: PWS can only report current weather, while what I am discussing in this post is the forecast weather, that my PWS cannot provide.

As far as I have learnt here, the forecast is based on TheWeatherNetwork service. And on that site the rain was forecasted, indipendently from my PWS. So why the WI+ didn’t report the forecast?

Beats me what forecasting system WI+ uses. There can be big regional differences and the model may not be great for Italy sinceThe system seems largely meant for US customers. A PWS that’s correctly reports rain in your backyard will always be more accurate than WI+ statistical values for rain.


I use manual schedules, so the WI+ will skip rain based on forecast. How can my PWS give forecast?
It can only provide observed (i.e past) events.

PWS will give you the observed as you have stated. Rachio still used a weather API to manage forcasts.

What do you have the rainfall threshold set for your controller?

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