My location is not correctly covered by AERIS

during the troubleshooting of Weather Intelligence Plus (and after having opened several threads in this community without a solution) I actually discovered that my location is not well covered by Aeris Weather Services.

Infact searching for my town in the Aeris portal, the selected meteo station is 35km away up in the mountains, while I am at the sea side.
Also, it has no WIND and RAIN sensors!! (infact Winds and 1-hr precipitation are both N/A).

This is why I couldn’t get accurate rain skips!

See weather portal:

To better understand the situation, “Varazze” is my home town that is a location by the seaside, while “Giovi Pass” is located 35km away up north in the mountains. The two locations do not share the same weather nor temerature nor rain.

I also discovered that many other locations in Italian Riviera have the same problem, making useless the most power function of Rachio3.

Would it be possible for the user to select another weather forecast provider?
For example, WeatherUnderground has much better coverage and accuracy.

I have selected my own PWS station instead of the WI+ in the settings, but it can only tell the current weather while the forecast remains the one instead in Aeris that is completely wrong for my location.

To be honest if I knew that the WI+ was not working, I would have not purchased the product.

Is there any workaround to make my controller work with Weather Underground instead of Aeris?

Sorry for the confusion, Aeris is used for forecasting and PWS weather stations for Weather Intelligence.

For Weather Intelligence +, Aeris is used for forecasting, and Weather Underground is used for PWS. If you have a reliable station in Weather Underground and precipitation observations will be recorded.

We also don’t officially sell outside of the states, so there are no plans to better support international customers, apologize there.


Hi @franz
I understand that you don’t officially sell outside US, but as there are several customers in Europe and Australia, I think that you should support them, at least trying to identify their needs and trying to solve their issues.
In my case it’s quite easy to see that AERIS do not cover very well my country. So maybe you should consider adding another weather portal so that any user could choose the weather provider that most covers his region.

Is it asking too much?

thanks for your attention

What generation of controller do you own?


Hi @franz
My Rachio is gen. 3

Gen 3 supports Weather Underground for PWS. Are those stations not present in Europe?


Hi @franz
yes I have registered my PWS with weatherunderground and current weather is correctly read.

The problem is the forecast. Are you using Aeris or WU for forecast in Europe?

Ah got it. Yes Aeris for forecasting.