Water Leak Technology is Exactly What You Need

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Leaks cause more trouble, wasted water, and money down the drain than just about anything else. Luckily technology is on our side and is here to help you get notified of leaks before they cause a headache. Wired flow meters were a favorite for Rachio users - until we released the Wireless Flow Meter. We hate to put a too-salesy post on our community, but we wanted a place to share all of the Wireless Flow success stories!

@azdavidr’s Wireless Flow Meter detected a leak in his drip line! He also played around with the Auto Shut Off feature (and worked with @theflexdude to figure out a defect!)

@DLane did what we weren’t sure would be possible at one time - an underground installation!

@trumpetr got his Wireless Flow Meter installed above ground in 20 minutes (might be a record)

@bde was a trooper and sweat through this ¾” copper pipe install and lived to share a guide!

@franz gave @boldblue737’s install a 10/10. @boldblue737 had no issues with theflow meter signal strength either - the Rachio 3 was on the other side of the house, about 125 feet away.

Have a Wireless Flow success story? Share it in the comments or post in Getting Started > Wireless Flow Meter.

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