Water days off by one?

Hey @romorris2342-

I believe we have nailed down the issue you are experiencing. The calendar display on your web browser is using UTC time to display, which is causing your “Drip (flex monthly)” and “Turf (flex daily)” schedules to display the day after they are actually supposed to run. Our development team is aware of this issue and is working on a fix. My only concern is what you said here: [quote=“romorris2342, post:30, topic:6625, full:true”]
I can see my mobile app it is off by one day in other ways. Please be aware of that. The problem is somewhat wider.

Do you mind elaborating on this? From what I understand, it seems like your mobile app is correctly displaying when your system is going to water. I am correct in this assumption, or no? I want to make sure I capture the problem you are encountering.

Also, when you say you are marking the watering “start date” ahead, are you editing the schedule start date?

Can you see my screenshots (computer screen overlaid with picture of my phone screen) slightly up in this thread ? No, my mobile app isn’t right either per that response (to Mitchell who also chimed in here). Yes, I do rather routinely mark the schedule start date ahead as a means of getting it to water more. As flex daily isn’t yet performing for me, and the variability of the heat/drought over a month doesn’t let the flex monthly work either (without killing a ton of stuff, 110 degrees for example will scorch everything on flex monthly assumptions). So my normal operating mod is to use flex monthly and when I know there’s a watering gap (given the drought or heat) that will cause widespread destruction - I reset the start date to lessen the gap. As you can see, I am currently experimenting with flex daily, which (should it work) would allow me to stop doing this.

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I don’t think these controllers took into account that magnitude of the SoCal drought over the last year or two. The ground was parched deep down. As a result, it simply didn’t work out for me and I had to intervene manually on a routine basis - even for the simple to setup “flex monthly”. Now that the drought is over, the situation seems to be better. But I don’t have it down yet. Getting these bugs out of my way - and moving to flex daily, gives me hope of a solution (with the one annoying attribute that flex daily waterings don’t show in the past on the calendar).

I’m having the same exact issue. Just noticed it today. On the Android App, the system is watering one day earlier than what it is scheduled for. Looking online, the calendar is the same as the app. Any suggestions?

Did you get anywhere with this Mckynzee. How might the fix get to my device(s).

Hi @romorris2342, we’re making headway. As this is not a widely reported issue, we’re specifically collecting details from your account. In this case it’s a little extra tricky to catch due to the daily dynamic scheduling of Flex Schedules. Based on yesterdays watering, I am escalating to the development team for continued investigation.

How you will receive the fix depends on the root cause. Depending on our findings, the change will either happen seamlessly without any involvement on your end OR we would need to push out an Android app update. We will update you when we know further.

@danv Where exactly are you observing your scheduled watering on Android? Is it 1 day earlier than the ‘My Yard’ Zone cards specify, or are you specifically checking the days marked on the Watering Schedule calendar?

Thank you both for your continued patience while we look into resolving this issue.

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Thanks Mitchell-

Ironically, looking at things today, we’re at the right days. Yesterday, looking at both My Yard and Watering Schedule, it was activating the zones on the “off days”. This morning both the website and the Android App is showing the right days. For example, it ran this morning (July 13):

tI hope my deactivation of my "Turf (flex daily)"in favor of my activation of “Turn (flex monthly)” isn’t throwing you. The former was fighting me while I was trying to get my lawn wet so … I could probably put it back the way it was if that helps.

Now it’s not firing off any watering all of a sudden it seems. I have to go into the app and run programs manually when I see one didn’t execute as indicated on the calendar. Wondering if changes have been made.

I had noticed this earlier this year and thought I was just confused or misunderstanding what I was seeing. After reading this post I monitored the next watering that I would be awake for which was today’s. I received a notification that my system would run one of my flex daily schedules this morning but when looking at the calendar that watering was set to occur Tuesday. The watering occurred as the notification had indicated but looking at the calendar it now shows that the schedule wont run until Wednesday. The watering history shows that the schedule ran today but looking at today’s calendar entry that schedule isn’t listed to run. Two of my manually configured waterings are listed to have run today and in fact they did, but the flex daily isn’t listed on the calendar for today.

I pasted a link to another thread… I think it is a time zone issue.

Did you adjust the moisture level after midnight UTC?

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Haven’t touched the moisture levels.

Are you by any chance looking at zones within a schedule while that schedule is running (not necessarily the zone that is running)? I have noticed some really odd things with both calendar schedules and moisture level charts for the zones within a schedule that is currently running - I’ve learned just to wait until the schedule is complete before looking at things again.

I’ve looked before that schedule ran, and while it was running. Can’t say for certain whether I’ve looked after it completed or not.

Can you update me regarding the fix again please Mitchell

Hey Robert,

Still keeping a close eye on this one. I can assure you that no changes have been made to your account from our end. Are your schedules still not executing automatically?

I’ve spoken with the development team and they’re currently prioritizing this issue. Hope to have an update for you soon! Thanks, I know you’ve been extremely patient.

Thank you for the update. Maybe I the calendar issue was causing me to misread when to expect them to fire (I dunno). They seem fine now, other than the calendar day mix-up(s).

It worked correctly for the next week. Then it went back to watering on the “off days” and sometimes skipping when there was no rain. I finally had to give up on this schedule type and just put in an a ‘fixed days’ schedule. Both the Flexible Monthly and Flexible daily were having this issue. The fixed days schedule is working as expected, however I’m not able to take advantage of the smart features.

I’m happy to report that our developers have released a fix today that should resolve this issue. Your WebApp calendar is dependent on your device timezone, and should now match your Mobile calendars accordingly.

If you don’t see any improvement upon logging in, the fix may require clearing your browser’s cache in order to take affect. You can find instructions for how to do this with a few of the most popular browsers here.

Thanks again for your patience while we worked through this together! I hope you’ll now enjoy an improved Rachio WebApp experience :slight_smile:

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Thank you. I logged in via my browser and looking on the calendar on my phone too and I see that the two now match. I think you fixed this, if so - thanks. Looks good.

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