Moisture says 69% right now though data says 0%

My rain sensor is active and drying out right now due to a recent soaking. That pushed back yesterday and today’s planned waterings which is fine with me. Yet for some reason my zones say they are at 69% when the data chart shows 0%. Tomorrow if allowed to water it would be 69%. Am I looking at this wrong?

Hey @scorp508- Can you provide a screenshot of the moisture graph itself for me?


I am thinking it is a time zone issue. It is June 20 if you are on UTC/GMT, so the zone data shows the moisture level for June 20. But you are probably still June 19 local time.

I have the same issue when trying to adjust water levels after midnight UTC, hoping that it will trigger watering the next morning.

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Ugh, yes @jkb I think you’re correct. I took those initial two screenshots about 9PM and I’m UTC-4 so yes that would have crossed into the next day for UTC.

If @mckynzee is able to confirm the UI is utilizing UTC I’d say this is a bug. A user interface should reflect what is local to the user unless it explicitly states what TZ is being used to render the data.

Let me try to replicate this tonight @scorp508- good catch @jkb!

It looks like I have another repro tonight. It is 02:33 UTC and my zones are showing Wednesday’s forecasted moisture level instead of today’s. It is still 10:33 PM here in EDT.

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