Water adjustment

Hi all! I have 2 Rachios on our property. One allows for easy adjustments for more water and the other does not. Both are the 16 zone version. Any idea why?

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I haven’t seen it myself, but I understand that Thrive users get an adjustment like this, while others don’t. Perhaps you are using Thrive, but they’ve only “registered” one of your controllers?

That must be it! Wonder how I would “register” the other one?

It sounds like the additional “features” of the Thrive subscription will be coming to all controllers in the future, but in the mean time, if you have a Thrive subscription on one controller, contact support, or maybe @dane and they can get you a second code to include the other controller into the Thrive system. I had to do this with mine since I ordered/subscribed based on my whole lawn and didn’t even think about splitting it between my two controllers.

@danwink I am responding to you via DM, but want to post a reply here so it is public for other users who might interested:

As we end our subscriptions service and begin selling Lawn Champion and Weed Watcher as standalone products we will be opening features that were previously only available to a subscriber.

I understand that there is a lot of interest in Enhanced Watering, the ability to easily adjust zone watering based on your observations. This is a highly requested feature and we’re excited to help make watering adjustments smarter and easier.

We want to make sure that Enhanced Watering will fit the needs of all of our customers. We are opening this up to customers who would like to actively engage and help us improve it. We can activate the feature for you and you will work directly with the product team for questions and feedback, rather than our Support Team. Please reach out to research@rachio.com with any questions or feedback.

As with any beta features, there’s no guarantee that they will make it into mass market, so there’s also the potential that this feature goes away or is merged into other features. We ask that you’re good with that going in.

HI @dane, do we sign up via the research@rachio.com email link?

Yeah @Rfuentes - go ahead and email us there. Reference this post if you don’t mind. Thanks!

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How does the new water adjustment feature work?

Does it increase the duration or the frequency of the watering? Does it work the same with all schedule types: fixed, monthly flex and daily flex?

Is there a knowledge base article that explains it? I tried a search and came up empty.

@twin1, I do not know the answer to the new water adjustment feature. I presume you are referring to the “Enhanced Watering” that @dane mentioned. Are you a Thrive subscriber or did sign up to help? I just sent my request to help with this new feature and understand it more.

I have not seen much about “Lawn Champion” and “Weed Watcher” that @dane also mentioned, so do not really know what those are. However, I did notice “Thrive” kind of being up front seems to be gone. I did find under “Yard” a “Cultivate” and “Journal”. I have not figured out what those are either, but have not spent much time looking. Under “Cultivate”, it indicates “Vigor 80%”, “Lawn Champion level” nutrient level is low (I do give it nutrients), suggest mowing at 4" (which I do), and watering kind kind of a lot (but that is what flex daily is doing probably because of the high sand content and heat).