V3 Beta is Upon Us!


Great, I’ll be optimistic and say August 1st for the Beta release date


Modawg2k, do you have a prediction for ‘go live?’ That will get you into the give away contest.

I got my shipment of LED lamps in that I’ll be using as door prizes for a big LED lighting speech I’m delivering on July 8th. I’m going to reserve off a few for this contest.


@a0128958 Sure, with no concept of how long betas can take, I’ll take October 1st for the go live date, thanks!


Rachio needs to get going. They’ve got a lot of employees that are counting on the company continuing to prosper. Timely production of V3, IMO, is a business imperative for Rachio.

This week IEEE Spectrum published an article authored by former Texas Instruments executive Wally Rhines, and currently chairman and CEO of Mentor Graphics: “The Inside Story of Texas Instruments’ Biggest Blunder: The TMS9900 Microprocessor.”

Here this article talks about how TI, not Intel could have powered the PC revolution, and why TI didn’t.

Lots of interesting detail on how IBM chose Intel, resulting in TI and Motorola losing the single most important design contest of the past 50 years.

What’s this got to do with Rachio?

Skip on down to lessons learned. One of them is: “… for anyone developing a product based on rapidly changing … technology, being first to market is paramount, no matter how extensive the limitations of your initial product may be; …”

This article should be required reading for Rachio leaders. I think they know this but just in case: time to get going finishing the V3 release. and getting it in production.


I work with a software company, and absolutely understand not rushing to a release. That said, my guess is Sept. 21 for a go live.


As do I. While rushing is never good, the concern of appearing on the outside to be doing nothing and allowing competitors to strike is very real. Even if on the inside people are busy like a bunch of kittens on cocaine trying to ship the public silence is what you end up becoming measured by.


well and the other lesson learned is don’t pre-announce so early. IMHO they announced this way too early…


Yup. Though I have to say I’m surprised at how few (any?) app updates there have been on iOS since I first installed the app first week of May this year. With all of the great suggestions that have gone by on this board I’m surprised to see absolutely no changes, even minimal UI fixes, unless V2 is on life support and all resources are working on V3.


if i had to guess, all focus is on v3. Only changes we will see to v2 are critical show stoppers before v3 release.


We have another person, Marainwater, in the contest.

I’m adding another LED lamp to prize winnings. Now: quantity three, LED lamps, commercial quality, 5 year warranty, UL Listed, Omni-directional, 60 watt standard bulb style equivalent.


I’m guessing August 1st. From hints around this forum, I’m sure they are heads down trying to get the interface to a super flexible scheduler that accommodates all variances of water restrictions, to an intuitive state. That has to be a real pain in the ass and not a fun engineering problem to solve…

I just hope they let me kick the tires…



8 people are in the contest so far:

plainsane = Aug. 1
preilly44 = Aug. 14th
Linn = Aug. 28th
a0128958 = Sep. 14
Marainwater = Sep. 21
jim_gately = Sep 30
Modawg2k = Oct. 1
DLane = Nov 1

I think plainsane’s in trouble. Rachio’s only got a week to announce it is live in production, that anyone can download the update, for plainsane to win.

Prize is currently FOUR 60W equivalent 9W LED lamps, commercial quality, 2700 degree Kelvin color match to traditional tungsten lamps, omni-directional, over 50,000 hrs run time capability, 5 year warranty, manufactured by Earthtronics (private label manufacturer for Philips and Sylvania).

If I’ve missed anybody just holler.

Not too late to enter. The contest is: what date does Rachio V3 ‘go live?’ (As commented by someone from Rachio authorized to say it.)

The rules are simple:

(1) In case of tie, accuracy is the tie breaker. I.e., if the announced date ends up being Aug. 31, someone who says ‘Aug. 31st’ wins the tie over someone who says ‘last week of Aug.’

(2) Anyone with a signed NDA with Rachio, or a Rachio company is not eligible, regardless of when the NDA was signed. Likewise, anyone with a relationship with a Rachio employee, or who’s a Rachio employee, is not eligible.

(3) (new this writing) No ‘double dipping.’ Once you’re ‘in’ you’re ‘in.’ And once you’re ‘out’ you’re ‘out.’

(4) (new this writing) No ‘Ebay bidding.’ Let’s use 1 week as minimum time between date of contest entry and ‘guess’ date.

Some fine print: Rachio has no involvement with this contest, other than (1) I’m using their community posting system to advertise it, and (2) I’ll ask them to affirm that any ‘go live’ published or stated date is indeed legit. The contest is simply my idea to have a little fun. Prize material is all from me - I’m donating it from my business. I do energy monitoring and conversion to LED lighting projects for commercial structures.

Best regards,



My guess is September 30


@a0128958 -

I kicked things off with [quote=“DLane, post:55, topic:7196”]
I’ll start with an over/under date of September 1, 2017 for the beta. With a November 1 date for go-live.

And I’ll stick to it.


Sorry! Today I thought I’d publish a ‘summary to date’ to ensure I hadn’t missed anyone. It worked! Got you in the list, along with jim_gately. I edited the list above.

8 of us having a little fun! With a prize!

If Rachio misses ‘going production’ in 2017 then at the moment DLane would win, as he’d end up being ‘the most accurate.’

We’ve got 8 in the contest. I’ll increase the prize from 3 to 4 lamps as of now. See above for details on what the prize is, for those who are just reading this.

My posting earlier today is now corrected to reflect the above.


@a0128958 - no worries, you’ve gone above and beyond with the offer of the lamps. I just wanted to have some fun, albeit at Rachio’s expense (sorry @Franz, @mckynzee, @emil - I hope y’all understand ;-)) , on the long delayed beta process. I never counted on someone offering prizes.


@a0128958 - just noticed the contest in this thread and figured it doesn’t cost anything to take a guess…

I am wondering if V3 schedules will be compatible with the existing schedule types… they took away and then brought back daily flex last year. They might come out with a new phone app for people who want to try new scheduling types but keep both the old and new web versions running on the web interface for those who want to stay where they are.

I figure most customers that winterize would probably want to stick with the current app until the end of this years watering season, and then try something new next spring. The Arizona crowd might want to do their fine tuning on the new app during the cooler winter season.

I will bet that Rachio will not rush this to general release, they will wait to the end of the watering season. I will grab the Oct 15 date for my guess.


I really thought they would have this out for this watering season but considering that my season is already more than half over I’m going to guess that it will come out at the very end of the season. I’ll shoot for October 23, though I really think this is a little late. I suppose though that it will give them enough customer base to test things out while also entering into the cooler seasons so that they don’t toast lawns should something go awry.


Since they have been so quiet on the V3 recently, I’m thinking there are a few hick-ups. I say October 1 Beta release, and I think it will be in Beta for at least 60 days…so call it December 1.


Oh my! The ‘over/under’ is shifting to what’s now an equal guess of 3Q vs 4Q who believe Rachio’s going to miss this year’s growing season for it’s ‘go live’ date.

And word is spreading! Three more are in the contest - that’s 11 to date. This will start putting pressure on me to increase the prize again - we’re at FOUR LED lamps so far.

No cost to enter. But please read the four rules stated in an earlier post. This contest is aimed at those of us Rachio enthusiasts who really don’t have a clue on what the ‘go live’ date will be other than to make guesses based on what’s being stated or not stated here on the Community forum by customers and employees alike.

The 11 contest entrants so far:

plainsane = Aug. 1st
preilly44 = Aug. 14th
Linn = Aug. 28th
a0128958 = Sep. 14th
Marainwater = Sep. 21st
ghctim = Sep. 29th
jim_gately = Sep 30th
Modawg2k = Oct. 1st
jkb = Oct. 15th
JasonM = Oct. 23rd
DLane = Nov 1st
tmcgahey = Dec 1st

planesane’s clearly in trouble. Not one ‘peep’ from Rachio lately. Planesane may be our first contest casualty.

While this is an anonymous contest, it does assume that the winner will privately disclose to me his/her name and mailing address so that I can send the winning prize. If you prefer to remain anonymous (or are like me having already converted your home to all-LED lighting) just post a note here or to me to that effect and I’ll then go find a charitable institution and donate the lamps to them.

Best regards,