V3 Beta is Upon Us!


Also done just in case this was different from the other survey.


If we’ve received an email about being in the beta a month or 2 ago, i’m assuming we are good to go and just waiting on more word on when to start?


Yes @Modawg2k, you should be good!


So it’s been almost 3 weeks since I last inquired about this so I’m checking to see if you can provide any information whatsoever - beta timelines any hints as to new features etc. it’s getting frustrated to hear your same answer every time - I’m not being critical, just providing feedback.


Almost middle of June. Start of peak watering for most. You would think v3 would have been up by may.


I guess the Beta turned up some bugs?


yeah…what is the status of the beta @franz…the summer is started…


I’m a software developer, so I very much respect the Beta process. And much better to hold back something that isn’t ready instead of rolling out something that would cause problems with your users.

But I am still very curious what the status is and the plan for this year’s release.


I agree 100%!!!


It fells like this must be a large rewrite. I’m becoming more and more of a fan of smaller iterative releases. I tend to find you get a better and more predictable release cadence, it is easier to find regression source with fewer changes, and users aren’t upset that the have been no updates in forever.

Software is never ‘done’, just choose a smaller set of goals for each release and kick it out the door.


Could be they are re-writing for a more flexible framework where they can be more iterative.


That would be welcomed news. :slight_smile:


It appears any question about the beta or v3 is being ignored now. This company has never been one to do this and I hope they aren’t starting now. It’d be very disappointing.


I wouldn’t worry. @mckynzee and company are still doing a great job at communication across the board.


I’m inclined to agree with @Modawg2K.

To use a CO expression, I think Rachio “got out over their skis” on announcing the V3 beta and I do think the new calendar/scheduling may be a heavy lift.

Given that, it might be fun to start a pool on when beta might start. But the wider audience beta testers will probably be under a NDA so we wouldn’t know the actual start time.

I’ll start with an over/under date of September 1, 2017 for the beta. With a November 1 date for go-live.


I think this could be fun.

I’m in the LED lighting business. I’ll donate two LED lamps to the winner. (And if I see a lot of people joining in on the fun here I may ‘up’ my commitment. I encourage others to offer prizes too!)

Anyone with a signed NDA with Rachio, or a Rachio company is not eligible, regardless of when the NDA was signed. Likewise, anyone with a relationship with a Rachio employee is not eligible.

In case of tie, accuracy is the tie breaker. I.e., someone who says ‘Aug. 31st’ wins the tie over someone who says ‘last week of Aug.’

The contest is: what date does Rachio V3 ‘go live’ as commented by a Rachio employee representative.

I’m one of those ‘on the outside’ so I’ll join in on the speculation fun.

Anyone else that qualifies per above that wants to ‘officially’ be ‘in’ on the fun simply needs to make their commitment in this thread. No other threads count.

I think Rachio decided to include expansion beyond 16 zones. I think this is hugely difficult. Like going from a 32 to 64 bit computer.

I think Rachio also is trying to move to the next generation on scheduling, trying to accommodate all of the watering restriction rules that customers all over the country are now dealing with. I think this is tough too.

I know that Rachio has said a number of times ‘we’re a s/w company.’ I.e., I don’t think they’re focusing on hardware related sensors, etc, at least for V3. And I think Rachio has smart s/w people.

My prediction for ‘Go Live’ is Sep. 14th. (If someone alternatively says ‘3rd week in Sep.’ or ‘2nd full week in Sep.’ then I still win - see proposed rule above.)

You can tell they’re getting close. Increasingly there’s less involvement of the execs here on this public board. They’re working 7x24 to help the s/w team get V3 done. McKynzee’s increasingly ‘on her own’ here.

I’m optimistic! Mark it down as my prediction - Sep. 14th, on the dot! (If I win I’ll donate my prizes to the 2nd place winner).

Best regards,



I agree with you! Just based on all the odd concoctions of allowed watering times that I’ve seen posted and trying to keep “water when needed” in the forefront, it’s got to be extremely complicated! My guess is that even putting the pause feature in is difficult or it would have been done a long time ago. My experience is that they have been pretty darn responsive. (ok, maybe not recently on some of the UI problems, but I would again guess that rather than fix old code, concentrate resources on the new code).

So since I don’t have an NDA, I’ll guess August 28, 2017.


I signed up to do the beta, but beats me if I officially signed anything. I know I filled out some initial stuff, but maybe everyone who applied did


My guess is 8/14 for the beta go live date!


@Modawg2k - I signed up too and I don’t remember anything about a NDA. Go ahead and put your guess out there.