V3 Beta is Upon Us!

I have been so excited to announce this, and the day has finally come :laughing:

A new version of the Rachio app is coming - but before it does, we need your help. We will be releasing a beta to make sure the final product is rock-solid, and are looking for useful feedback from our users.

In return for your participation, you’ll get a first look at new features, a(nother) forum to share your thoughts and opinions, chances to win sweet prizes and a chance to help us build an app that meets your needs.

Do you want to participate in the beta? Please click the link below and fill out our survey. Help improve our products and services by becoming a Rachio beta tester.

If you are interested, please fill out this survey by March 11.

There are a few requirements for beta participation:

  • You are actively watering your yard by April 1st.
  • You can take 15-20 minutes a week to respond to a few surveys and participate in our online community.
  • You like finding bugs and usability issues - and telling us all about them!
  • You must be able to contribute time over the next 4-6 weeks.

Thank you in advance!


Any chance we could get a sneak peak at the new features slated for v3? I’m not really interested in testing a new color scheme. Moisture sensors would be fun though.

Hey @Slackeratx-

Unfortunately, I can’t divulge the secrets of V3 to everyone quite yet. I can tell you it is definitely not just a change in visual design, and there will be new features included other than a pretty new face :wink:

McKynzee :rachio:

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The main thing is to be able to run simultaneous programs! Within the limits of the transformer of course.

I’m debating… I like contributing to this community, but I worry that a bug will happen that will cause my system to get completely out of whack and I’ll have to spend a ton of time troubleshooting… and I just don’t have that time right now w/ the family and work. I’m doing yard work at night with a flashlight on my head to begin with!

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Can I beta test my customer accessed accounts?

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@febiii The issue with running simultaneous programs is the majority of users do not have the water pressure to support multiple zones running at once! Can I ask why you are wanting to run zones simultaneously?

@Modawg2k- I definitely understand where you are coming from. Obviously I would love to have you involved considering you are such an active community member, but would hate to affect the performance of your system. While I can’t guarantee anything, if it’s any consolation, V3 will be ran through multiple types of tests before it ever touches your actual system. But I would hate to have you out there troubleshooting with the flashlight on your head :joy:

@Sprinklerman You will have to participate only with your personal account, unfortunately. I’m sorry if that causes any issues!

Of course, I’m aware of all that. I really need it to control other devices simultaneously, such as a water feature and landscape lighting. A pump start relay will start anything and only uses 3VA.

Not a problem. Thanks for letting me know.

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Alright you talked me into it!


:joy: I’m glad!

I hope this version will address the index valve issues. So silly to have to create 4-8 different schedules when it’s so easy to tell Rachio to turn off and wait 10 seconds (configurable) before starting again.

Is there a target schedule for the roll out of V3? Will we be allowed to control when V3 gets installed on our controllers? Will feature and settings changes be documented for our review prior to the roll out? Thanks

There is, but I can’t share it publicly :wink: When we are ready the entire community will get a good amount of notice.

Yes. If you don’t update the app to V3, you can continue on the legacy platform for an indeterminate amount of time.

Absolutely. We will have A LOT of content.

Hope this helps.


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You’re right on one part… some of us do not have a lot of water pressure.
HOWEVER – our solution was to break it up into multiple/smaller zones so
we could run a couple of zones simultaneously.
One of the problems of not allowing that, is that it takes a lot longer
to run all the circuits serially.
Please reconsider


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I too am begging for the ability to run more than one zone at once.

I’m in this exact same boat!!!


@tmcgahey Do it and we can cry about the problems together haha


Is it too late to get in on the beta?