V3 Beta is Upon Us!



I gave your email to the beta team, I’ll let them take it from here!



I had filled out the beta form but never heard back. I guess not to long until we see v3 in the wild I guess.


@cbl1 Beta will be in stages, so don’t lose hope too quickly :wink:


thx mckynzee!


Is their anyway to have the signup be permanent? I’ve been under a rock for a while and missed this window of fabuloso.



With all the help that I’ve seen you give on the forum, I would have though you would have been #1 on Rachio’s V3 beta tester list - whether you wanted to be or not!

That said, maybe there’s still hope for us folks that signed up late. If you don’t have it yet, maybe the toothpick is still picking up batter when they stick it in the cake.


@DLane @plainsane Let me see if I can pull some strings… :smirk:



Any updates on how the Beta is progressing?


@Silent We are still in a small, fairly limited beta. As we move forward, it will expand in both functionality and users, so if you are not currently in the beta, don’t lose hope!


Can you provide us any type of updated timeline such as how long the beta will last, when you plan on opening the beta to more users, etc? Something at least? :wink:


Survey done, thanks for the opportunity. I run and participate beta programs at my employer as well so it’d be fun to do one for home. :smiley:

edit Oh… I now see this thread is very old. Well… here’s to hoping!


@scorp508 Still running beta and still planning on expanding it so don’t lose hope! Also seeing your posts on the community makes me want you in beta… So detailed and helpful it’s a dream :joy:

@jeremyshultz I like this idea, but need to get buy in from some other teams. Let me see what I can do to give a bit more visibility into the plan!


Still no updates? @mckynzee


guess @franz couldn’t get me in :cry:


@ghctim We are still running beta! Don’t lose hope!

@jeremyshultz I can’t reveal any details yet, when I am able I will try to give a more firm timeline.


Since I just turned on my sprinklers about a week ago, I’d be willing to be a beta tester also.


If you are still looking for beta testers? I am up and running for about 2 months now with new Gen 2. I have 13 zones all on daily flex. 10 are set up as grass (Bermuda) zones and 3 are set up as flower bed zones. With all the rain we have had here only a couple of watering in the last two months.


I would recommend filling out this Yard Geeks form if you haven’t already and would like to be a part of beta! @robnielsen @tomlay