UTC for moisture levels


Continuing the discussion from Moisture says 69% right now though data says 0%:

As noted in the linked thread, the moisture levels are using UTC to determine ‘today’ for the moisture levels display.

A related issue I noticed last year (haven’t had to try it this year) is if I adjust a zone to empty after midnight UTC ( but still in the previous evening local PDT), with the expectation that the zone will be watered the next morning by the flex schedule. The zone does not water until a day later, as the adjustment is posted to the current UTC date, not the current date using local time.

Can the moisture level and flex scheduling be enhanced to update and display using the local date, instead of UTC?

Water days off by one?

I would love for the app to recognize my time zone and the changes/display information based off that. It’s very confusing to a user who does not understand this. Currently, my area (phoenix) is 7 hours behind UTC, that’s a huge amount of time


As I mention in another thread I think I would prefer time local to the controller rather than where I’m standing at that moment. I could be located somewhere else and local time would not equal the controller’s local time.


Do you guys mind contributing to this poll? Curious to see what the majority of people would expect. Regardless, I think we need to create a standard across the board.


It probably makes sense to have this as a user confugurable feature. That is, configured at the time of setup. Could be crazy for support support folks when trying to solve “my system didn’t start” problems.


I was just checking in on the this and see that before 6pm here in AZ, the system is already showing up stuff for tomorrow.