Transferring zone settings to new Rachio 3?

Installed my new Rachio 3 replacing my 2. Took less than 5 minutes, same mounting holes and WAY, WAY faster to install wires. Nice. I had no issues adding it to my Rachio app on the iPhone however my account now has two controllers, the old one and the new one that I can change between.

Is there anyway to copy over all the zones settings, photos etc. to the new controller before I select “remove” for the old controller? Right now the new controller is a blank slate.

Also if anyone knows why, the Rachio website on the computer when I try to login just then shows an “updating user information and spinning circle.”?


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@boldblue737 - according to @Franz that was supposed to happen during on boarding:

Do you have a 16 zone Gen 2 and an 8 zone Gen 3? Is so, then I’d contact support and see if they can move the first 8 over. Otherwise, ???

That’s correct, my Rachio 2 was a 16 zone (I only used 8) and my Rachio 3 is an 8 zone. I guess that is the problem, no big deal… no need to call support, I’ll just reenter everything, shouldn’t take too long but now I know.


Unfortunately we do not support 16 zone to 8 zone. It’s gets difficult mapping zones from 9-16 (if there are any) scheduling data or zone characteristics and we end up making bad assumptions :wink:


no problem, i totally get it thats a niche use case. i just realized i have only had 8 zones for 13 years and although i keep saying one of these days i’ll add some drip zones or something i never do. the 16 i had before was overkill, especially since i’m having a habit of buying each of your new controllers. :wink:

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I’m on the same boat. Bought a 16-zone Rachio 2 two years ago, never used the “extra 8” zones. As a matter of fact, all I’m using are 6 zones of the 16 . . . .

Having said that, and considering I also work in the computer industry, I think this answer (“it gets difficult to map 16 zones to 8 zones”) is not very useful, or even correct. It is correct, I think, that it is IMPOSSIBLE (not “very hard”) to map existing 9 zones or more to 8 zones. But if the “source controller” is 16-zone, and only 8 or less are in use . . . what is the challenge here ?

At least, if not 100% automated from “16 (with less than 9 in use) to 8”, there should be an option to a guided migration, or at the absolute very least, to be able to “clone” a zone from the 16-controller to the 8-controller . . .


Spent the last hour trying to find out why I didnt see a Transfer button… must be the 16 to 8 zone.

This is so lame. Rachio really how hard is it… if you are only using zones 1-8 on a gen2 to map it to zones 1-8 on a gen3. If i had realized I could not have done this I would have never bought a Gen3. It’s a royal PITA to go though and remap, take picture and screw with all the settings.



Currently investigating the difficulty of this. Thoughts on allowing us to transfer your settings for you?


I would be fine with having you guys transfer the settings for me. I just hide the upper 8 zones to keep them from cluttering the UI, and there not part of any schedules.

I also took advantage of the early 16-zone deal for v2 because it was available first and we were collectively told that the 8-zone unit wouldn’t be cheaper than the 16-zone early bird deal. I’ve customized my eight zones enough that I don’t want to manually transfer them over, but if Rachio wants to help, I have a v3 sitting in a box ready to go :slight_smile:

@franz, any update on transferring settings from 16-zone controllers to 8-zone, even if done on a case-by-case basis?

@franz ?


I’ll make it happen, sit tight! One time offer :wink:


Controller settings, zones and schedules are now copied over.

Things to note:

  • Soil moisture is too difficult to copy over. You can manually fill/empty on the zone soil moisture graph for each zone.
  • You have picked a national station that is about 8 miles away from your house. If that is working well great!, if not there are a lot of stations much closer, one is on top of your house. One of the benefits of weather intelligence plus.

Thanks for your patience.


Thanks, Franz! I believe that the weather station that I picked is the closest non-personal station near me and I didn’t have good luck with closer PWSs. I now have my own WeatherFlow station, and I’d prefer to use the station that I’ve set up through WU - KCASANDI4307. It looks like I can choose that now with Weather Intelligence Plus, so I switched to that.

I’ll take care of the soil moisture.

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@franz - Is this an offer for any 16 station 2 -----> 8 station 3 user (assuming stations 9-16 on the 2 are unused)? I am in the same boat. I emailed support asking if the service was available to me and they simply sent me a link describing how to use the tool to transfer settings, which will not work in my case.


Hi Rccoleman,

I was wondering which weatherstation product you have for your house. I live in a rural area and in the mountains where we experience alot of micro climates and the nearest weather station is quite a waze away. I think its cool your weatherstation is accessible through Rachio. I would be interested in putting one at my location. Any advice?

As I mentioned above, WeatherFlow. Weather Underground has restricted their API access, but presumably you can still access your station that you’re publishing publicly.


So I have a simpler issue, but in the same predicament.

I have a gen2 16 zone, but just bought and installed a gen 3 16 zone. I too have a very highly customized schedule.

Is there a way to copy over the settings from controller to controller ?