Rachio Gen 3 unable to connect to WiFi


I can’t connect either. Every time I try to connect to WiFi, after it fails to connect I get an Rachio option to retry or cancel. I have a Gen 3 model.

I have a NETGEAR Orbi mesh network. It failed to work with this, so I added another AP that is broadcasting only 2.4 ghz and I still cannot connect with that AP. (The AP has a different SSID)

I ran the wifi tool using the 2.4 ghz connection: Q7R6YTPG


PM me too, I’m 6 hours away from taking this thing back to the store for a refund, I’m a techy person, all automated everything. But this not connecting is waistline my time. I have Comcast xfinity router, purchased an extended for probably no reason at all. Why no connection?


@Markj - run the RouteThis app and send the code it returns to @Franz or support and that may give them a clue as to a potential issue.

Confirming - Rachio Gen 3, separate SSIDs for 2.4 and 5 GHz bands and WEP is not enabled?


@DLane provided good information. Also, what is the error you are seeing?



Rout this app looks like it requires a code. The WEP button was enabled on my router to to locate and connect to the extender only.


Yes separate SSID


@Markj - the code needed it RACH (I believe).

Rachio doesn’t support WEP security protocol, only WPA or WPA2. If WEP (not to be confused with WPS) is enabled as a security option on the router Rachio won’t connect.


Security is WPA2


Fixed. Had to download and print what the light signals meant


Wow! Things went from bad to awesome really quick! I had to unplug plug back in, translate the light codes and bam! Easy set up. Thanks


@Markj - thanks for the update. Welcome to the community!


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OK - I have a Ubiquiti Unifi system at home and was having no end of issues getting Homekit to enable.

Long story short - disabled the SSID I was using on the 2.4GHz band across all AP’s and left it enabled only on 5GHz. Then ran setup. Working perfectly now but the initial hour trying everything else failed.

Rachio 3 might be a dual band device but it has serious issues doing firmware updates or Home kit setup when both radios are available.