Rachio Gen 2 keeps going offline lately

I have a Gen 2 that’s been working fine all summer but recently, it started going offline by itself. I would power cycle it, it would stay online for about a week or so, and then suddenly I would get an alert from the app that the unit has gone offline. Nothing’s changed on my network for the past year or so and the Rachio has been rock solid, until now. Anyway, the unit’s in idle mode (it’s winter now here in VA; and the system was winterized back in October) so it’s not in use and the water’s been turned off.

Did some search on the archives and found a topic about it but it mentions contacting support because the unit may have gone “tango” ?? Rachio 2nd Gen suddenly going offline

Looking at the logs:
Controller offline: 11/1/18 2:00 am
Power cycle: 11/1/18 7:29 am (i power cycled it)
Controller offline: 11/2/18 3:00 pm
Power cycle: 11/18/18 3:35 pm (I finally got to it to power cycle it)
Controller offline: 11/20/18 1:00 am
Power cycle: Wednesday 10:41 am
Controller offline: Saturday 6:00 am

That reminds me, I need to go power cycle it… :frowning:

Tech support, help!

@weictay Thanks for reporting this behavior. We put a “patch” out late last night that could help with this (some calendars with no watering frequency could have affected the controller), we are still researching an issue with “standby” on Gen 2 controllers.

For your controller I’d recommend taking it out of standby for a few seconds (so it gets a “fresh” calendar), put it back into standby mode.

Will let you know if/when we have identified any issues with Gen 2 and “standby” mode.



Thanks for the quick response @franz! I’ll go ahead and take the controller off standby for a few minutes and then put it back on standby.


@franz, which firmware version has the patch? 5-109?

Got an email from the controller this morning at 1 am that it went offline again.

“Your Rachio controller went offline at Wednesday, November 28 01:01 AM.”

Update: I’ve just power cycled it again.

Also saw a thread about a firmware update that was pushed out back in September (?) but mine shows I’m still at firmware “iro2-firmware-5-82”.

Looks like I’m not the only one having Gen2 units going offline frequently/lately, per this thread even though I’m still on the older firmware? Gen 2 frequently falls offline after firmware update

@franz, you mentioned a “patch” in your earlier reply. Can you push that out to my unit?

Similar thing here although I never got an email that my controller was off-line. I noticed in the app that it was off-line.

Mon 11/26 off-line.
Thu 11/29 off-line.

Had to reboot both times AND enter my wifi password.

  1. Why is it going off-line all of a sudden?
  2. Why do I need to re-enter my wifi password when it was previously connected to it? [How about storing that in non-volatile memory?]

Firmware on mine is iro2-firmware-5-104

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@franz Thanks for the update.

For some reason, my controller went offline sometime today and I didn’t get an alert. Tried power cycling and it’s still offline now.


Please add me to the patch list. It has worked like a charm since the beginning but about a month ago started going offline frequently.

@john30308 You should have new firmware within the next few minutes.


I power cycled my Rachio this morning and when it came up, I put it back online. Went to the app and under controller settings/technical info, I tapped on the firmware info a few times and then got a notice saying update firmware. :slight_smile:

It updated to 5-115 after a few minutes. I’ve put it back in standby and will monitor.

Thanks @franz and team!


Please also add me to the patch list.

@getsometom, See Franz’s post above on how to do this. One of my controllers, that is not on mentioned in this thread, has already been automatically updated.

All Gen 2 controllers have been updated with new firmware. :smile:


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I have to say, this is a love-hate relationship with Rachio. As cool as it can be when it works, it’s the most frustrating wifi device I have. All it takes is a power blip and this thing goes offline and then it takes half my day or even days to get it to come back.

Why, oh why, Rachio… can’t you make a device that can sync back up and go online without power cycles, data/cache clearing, resetting the entire wifi profile, etc etc etc?

I’ve got 15+ year old devices that this doesn’t happen to. Out of about 20 devices on the network, this is the ONLY one that can’t just log back in with the saved password. The router sees the device on the network as online, so what gives?

I want to sing your praises to my friends but every time I try to show it off it’s offline.

My Rachio 2 has been working fine for 1 month that I’ve owned it. However I am not able to access my Rachio 2 both through the Android app and through the desktop web browser this morning, despite rebooting my home network and the Rachio device itself. I’m assuming the server at Rachio is probably down for maintenance. Hopefully it’ll last only a day or so for me.

Hey friends!

We have identified and fixed an issue causing problems with our servers. You should now be able to access our website and app without issue. Let me know if you run into any other snags!


Can I get patch to try to fix this. Happens all the time now and it being on my second home and summer starting is not good. Thank you.

If you run this https://support.rachio.com/hc/en-us/articles/115010540888-Is-my-Wi-Fi-network-compatible- and provide the generated code I can have the engineering team review.