No Push Notifications on iPhone 7 running iOS 10.0.2


We hope to submit iOS this week. I will post when iOS has been submitted and approved.



We’ve released iOS 2.9.0 of the Rachio app today. It should be available within the next few hours. Please let us know if you are still having issues with iPhone 7/iOS 10 push notifications after installing the app.




I haven’t had a scheduled run yet since the update today, but I can tell you I got a notification tonight when I did a manual run then stopped it.


:tada: Hopefully this is the fix!


and my scheduled run this morning popped up


I started receiving schedule start/stop notifications of manual schedule again after the update but still not receiving my rain sensor activated/deactivated notifications. Everything is checked correctly within the app and app settings.


I just installed my Rachio last weekend and have received zero notifications via the app on my iPhone 6+ running 10.1.1. I am on At&t if that matters. I have tried disabling the notifications entirely and then re-enabled them this morning and will see if that helps.


@ilikeme1 Check that you have notifications enabled within the app and within your iPhone settings!


So, I am now getting some notifications. This is what I observed over the last few days:

  • I ran a fixed schedule manually, a couple days ago, and I got the ‘started schedule’ notification, but not the ‘completed’ notification.

  • Yesterday it automatically ran a fixed schedule and I got both the ‘started schedule’ and ‘completed schedule’ notification.

  • Today I ran a fixed schedule manually and didn’t receive any notifications.


I already checked those.


Although I was receiving some notifications over the last week, as of this past Saturday afternoon, it looks as though I am no longer receiving notifications. My system has run at least 3 fixed schedules, as well as some manual runs, and I have not received any notifications.


This is happening to me as well


@ilikeme1 @jimB34m @Modawg2k-
Sounds like there are still some issues out there. Are you guys receiving any notifications at all? If so, which ones? Could you also let me know what notifications you should be receiving and are not? Sorry for all the questions, just trying to identify exactly where the issue is.
McKynzee :rachio:


Hi McKynzee,

Since the release of the latest update to the app, I have received some (but not all) of the notifications. Sometimes I have received either the Started or Completed notification, but not both. Other times I would receive both notifications or none at all. Now, I don’t seem to be receiving any since Saturday, and my system has run at least 4 fixed schedules, since then.


Currently I am not receving fix interval scheduled runs or manual runs. I remember receiving manual run notifications after the update.


@Modawg2k Have you received any notifications since Saturday?




Add me to this. I am not getting push notifications on any activity. Not receiving them when watering is not skipped or when the watering schedule started or completed. I am using iPhone 7 running iOS 10.1.1 and have latest version of Rachio app.



Thanks, we have our iOS development team looking into this iPhone 7 issue. It seems to be isolated to this phone, we will know more soon.



Ok thank you. I have iPhone 6 as well. I have now enabled push notifications on this phone to check if I will get the notifications on this device. I will keep you posted if the notifications will come through next time the schedule is run. Thanks.