No Push Notifications on iPhone 7 running iOS 10.0.2


Correct. I select setup as new. It will sync all the contacts, iCloud photos, etc.

I do have to reinstall apps, which is so easy it’s not a big deal. Most just login and are happy again.

The only downside is some apps that keep their own data stores. Mine craft is an example. Download the app again an you loose all your personal data.

This clears out old unused apps. And gets rid of other hidden baggage.


I have the new iPhone 7 Plus and can confirm that I am no longer getting push notifications. I did an iCloud restore from backup when I set up the phone initially. Today, I deleted the Rachio app and then re-installed it, but still no push notifications.


I can confirm from today my suspicions that I am not receiving notifications anymore. iPhone 6plus running 10.0.2.



I have the same issue. My notifications stopped coming in once I got the iPhone 7 plus. I had a 6s plus prior and it worked fine even after updated to iOS 10.0.2. I am also running that software on the iPhone 7. Glad to see that it isn’t just me who stopped getting notifications.


Got it to work. I turned notifications off in settings and then back on. And now I’m getting them.


This didn’t work for me. I turned notifications on and off last night and I didn’t get a notice this morning when a zone ran.


I have been out of the country since the start of October, and because of that I opted to stay on IOS 9 and not upgrade to IOS 10. IPad and iPhone 6 are both with me, and I have been missing watering notifications.


@Linn @Modawg2k Neither of you are receiving notifications on your iPhone 6’s? When did you stop receiving them?


@mckynzee Well, 11 days ago I said my notifications were working, but since that post, I don’t think they have been. My 7+ gets in tomorrow, I’ll update when I get that up and going.


@Modawg2k Thanks for the info! Concerned that we are now seeing this on iPhone 6’s as well…


Hey everyone-
So we are still looking into what exactly is causing this, but just wanted to let everyone know that we have seen that deleting the app and re-downloading it can sometimes resolve it. Let me know if that helps!
McKynzee :rachio:


Well, this doesn’t help in diagnosis at all – my watering notifications all showed up today and I haven’t made any changes. :confused:


@Linn LOL- hey as long as you are getting those notifications I am happy!


@Linn were they notifications from previous days? like they were stored up and then dumped on you all at once?


Nope. Just today’s.


Correct, I don’t notification either from Iphone 7 IOS 10.0.3


Ok. Earlier I said my iPhone 7 notifications worked. I had setup my iPhone 7 from a 5s backup.

My phone had charging issues. After working with apple on it, I ended up setting up as new phone (and letting iCloud preserve most of my stuff).

I installed Rachio and no notifications.


I don’t know if we are just beating a dead horse but I confirmed this morning that my new 7 Plus did not send notifications when it watered my one zone that ran this morning.


We are finishing testing changes related to push notifications (we are moving to a different technology altogether :wink:)

I hope to release these changes to the Apple store this week. I’ll post when these go out.



Was this addressed/pushed? I’m not getting notifications on my 7+ either.