No Push Notifications on iPhone 7 running iOS 10.0.2

I just logged a ticket with Support, as I am not receiving Push Notifications on my new iPhone 7, running iOS v 10.0.2. I have the app installed on both my old iPhone 6 and my iPad, which are both running versions of iOS prior to v 10 and receiving notifications without any issues. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, signing out and back in, turning notifications off and back on, with no luck.

Has anyone upgraded to the iPhone 7 or running iOS 10.0.2 and able to receiving push notifications?

I’m running an iPhone 6+ on iOS10.0.02 and i recevied notifications this morning when my system ran.

Hey @jimB34m -
I have been looking into your ticket with support and we have been trying to recreate it. I am still receiving notifications with 10.0.2 as well, but I have an iPhone 6! I am going to borrow a 7 from someone and see if for some reason that’s causing it I will keep you updated :blush:
McKynzee :rachio:

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We were able to recreate this with an iPhone 7! If anyone else runs into this issue, please comment here and let us know. I will report this to our tech team and keep you updated on progress. Thank you for letting us know!
McKynzee :rachio:

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That is great news! I couldn’t imagine what else it could be, considering everything I have tried and that people on the iPhone 6 were still getting notifications, even after updating to iOS 10.0.2. Look forward to a fix, thanks @mckynzee!


Just another item broken by the 7… I have a 7+ on order right now and I’ve been hearing some horror stories… granted there are stories every time a new version comes out

Yeah, it was definitely not a seamless transition to the iPhone 7, for me. After I set it all up (had to set it up as a “new phone” to resolve some legacy software issues in my backups), which took a few days, I then wasn’t receiving calendar or reminder push notifications. Spent 2 hrs with Apple Tech support, which resulted in me backing up my phone and then installing 10.0.2 again and then restoring my backup. Finally it seems like things are working correctly (knocking on wood).

I’ve got so many issues, it makes me wonder why I stick with them. My 6+ acts like a 4 year old phone, battery charge jumps up and down like 20% all the time, Podcast app with iOS10 has broken for auto-downloads, I hear the 7 has a bluetooth issues which will impact me greatly, my 2014 macbook pro cannot connect to my apple TV anymore… but I digress!

Yeah, I was using successive backups since the iPhone 3G, and I finally decided to bite the bullet and just start out fresh and reconfigure/setup the iPhone 7 from scratch. The Apple Senior Advisor told me that he would recommend doing that every year (yeah right!) because of bugs that can perpetuate through the backups. If you haven’t done that (like me) in many years, you might want to take the time (if you have it) and set it up new and then configure it back the way you like it.

Just to provide some anecdotal evidence the other way…

iPhone 7 here. I’ve not had any problems with Rachio push notifications after the switch. I restored from a backup of my iPhone 6 and didn’t have to do anything to set up the Rachio app. Haven’t had any other problems with the phone, either.


Same situation here with iPhone 7. iOS 10.0.2, had no problems with notifications earlier this week. Running early tomorrow morning, will report any issues with notifications.

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You guys are great, thanks for giving us feedback. @briansusername Are you running 10.0.1 or 10.0.2 if you don’t mind me asking?

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Forgot that part, sorry. I am running 10.0.2. I am fairly sure I updated both my iPhone 6 and my new iPhone 7 to 10.0.2 before restoring to the new phone.

I am also seeing the same thing on my 7+ with 10.0.2 while our iPad with the same OS is receiving them just fine. Also this was a brand new setup on my iPhone as I switched to it from another brand.

Now that some users are saying that they are receiving notifications on their iPhone 7, I am thinking it might have to do with how the phone is set up. Looks like people that have been using the app and set the iPhone 7 or 7+ up as new (instead of restoring from a backup), run into this issue. Yet people who upgrade to an iPhone 7 or 7+ and restore from a backup are still receiving notifications.

Is anyone who upgraded to an iPhone 7 or 7+, that didn’t restore from a backup, receiving notifications?

@jimB34m See I was thinking the same thing but the iPhone I tested on here at the office was restored from a backup and it did not receive notifications which set me back to square one… I can’t for the life of me think of any other differences that could be causing it?

Yeah, that is annoying. Nothing like an inconsistent bug! Let me know if there is anything I can do/try to give you more insight on what might be causing it.

If I come up with any other theories we could test I will ping you guys :blush: thanks for all the help!

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My iPhone 7 works fine. Setup from backup this year.

I start from “new” every few years. Not that painful as most settings (contacts, etc) are iCloud anyway for me.

@brkaus When you say that, you mean you just done select backup and then manually find all the apps you had and re download them? And use iCloud for contacts nd photos to redownload?