It’s here! Rachio V3.0 App Update Released


I am one of the people whose data got wiped from their account. Now all my zones and other information has gone missing. How can I get this corrected?


@hcnate, @shockley . Thanks for bringing this up to our attention, we’ve looked into your accounts and everything looks normal now. I sent you PMs. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any other questions or concerns!



Thank goodness I came here and found all your posts. Thought I was losing my mind. We’ve had our system off for several months. Went to reactivate it yesterday: I can’t get logged in on my mobile device. My husband gets logged in, but then can’t see/do anything. All our data appears to be gone. I try resetting my password on the mobile app. It says it’s sending an email to me, but it doesn’t. I try resetting my password on a browser. That actually generates an email … but the password provided won’t get me in on mobile or browser.

After reading the discussion here, I deleted the app and was going to re-download it. Except it won’t actually download onto my phone.

Right now, I have a very expensive and completely useless pile of plastic and wires.

I have submitted a support ticket with Rachio, but have had no reply. What a nightmare.


It seems that consumption in gallons indication for the current month is now shown on the web portal again, though I still cannot see daily consumption or any historical data. That’s a good sign. I hope the Rachio team is working on restoring the full functionality of being able to track consumption in gallons.

Many users have previously requested consumption (in gallons) monitoring per zone. That would be an awesome feature, but I am happy with at least being able to see my total consumption.

Another very useful feature for those who are using a water flow meter would be allowing the users to set a threshold of maximum consumption per week (or day). If that threshold is exceeded, it could be an indication of a leak, and the user could be notified by e-mail or by a push notification.


Our new app update today (Rachio App Update 3.1 🎉) will show gallons if you have a flow sensor. We also now show # of weather skips and a couple other points of data.



I just received the newsletter about your Rachio 3 controller + Wireless Flow Meter. Producing your own flow meter was a good idea and a good selling point over the competition, though I hope you will still support existing flow meters.


Add me to the list of people who lost all settings and found a “Connect New Controller screen” as they went to the app (after noticing that the sprinklers were no longer going on). Went through linking controller again to find no setting remained and controller showing “offline” despite a flashing green light on the wifi. Sent in a ticket and guess i have to hand water for a while. Controller has worked great for the last two years now nothing.



The support team will be able to get everything setup for you. If you are still having issues after working through them just let me know.



Hey Greg!

I want to make sure our support team has seen your ticket - do you by chance have your ticket number handy?

-Lo :rachio:


Yes, I sent it to you via a PM.



Looking into it for you right now :slight_smile:
-Lo :rachio: