It’s here! Rachio V3.0 App Update Released

We are proud to announce our new major update of the Rachio app. I hope you enjoy the new design and features. Here are some highlights:

  • The new Remote (pause, skip forward, skip backward are finally here!)
  • Wind Skip!
  • Up Next feed that allows manual schedule skipping
  • End your schedules before sunrise, start after sunrise, or end by a specific time.
  • Create your own custom Cycle and Soak times
  • 12 and 1 hour weather intelligence schedule verification
  • Restricted days on flexible monthly schedules

Check out the full list for a more comprehensive rundown.

Our community feedback is what has gotten us where we are, and we are so grateful for how involved and helpful many of you have been throughout this process.

The last year has been challenging as a company growing our team and re-engineering our cloud platform. We have learned a lot and can not wait to apply this amazing group of people to the opportunities ahead of us. The new infrastructure we have created will allow us to deliver software more quickly.

We will be listening even more and hope to get many of the features and functionality that our users are asking for.

At Rachio we are calling this “the season of innovation.” The new app is just the beginning.

Hope you are ready for the ride!

PS- who won the contest?



Good news, I see the recommended time for Flex Daily is to end before sunrise, how does this work when full duration is greater than the time before sunrise? For example, a full duration for me is 7 hours 59 minutes. I also am on an odd/even water restriction.

Mine crashes every time I click on the email box on the login screen… Can you provide a link to the old APK so I can continue watering my lawn?

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Make sure you tell this team nice job!


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Wow, it’s even worse. If I try to use the web app as a workaround I get the following error:

Your account is outdated. Please log in to your account on a mobile device to automatically update your account. You will then be able to access your Rachio account normally on any platform.

I can’t login using my mobile device because the app is broken so now I’m completely screwed.

Seems like the app was crashing due to something my password manager was doing (Dashlane). How do we login now? It just refreshes the screen when I click Sign In. There are no error messages displayed.

Hey @mikecousins-

Sorry to hear you are running into issues with the new app. Have you tried deleting the app and reinstalling it? What kind of device are you using? We will get this resolved for you!


@mikecousins That third party password manager may be causing issues, are you able to disable it for the Rachio app and tell me if that resolves the issue?

Logging into my password manager actually solved the issue. Very strange that it caused a crash though.

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And my account is now working, had to use my old username in the email field. If you use your email address you don’t get an error message strangely. Thanks.

Glad it’s resolved @mikecousins!

It looks very nice once you’re in. Good work.


Is there any new features that have been requested many times by users such as homekit, select what zones use the master valve and which ones don’t, a zone setting for a pool fill, being able to change a zone to a master valve control. For a year of waiting I don’t see anything new and useful.

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Wind Skip and Remote (which lets you pause the sprinklers to let your dog go use the lawn) have been two requests I’ve seen asked for a gazillion times.


Glad it’s out, congrats.

I’ll use “finish before sunrise” for sure, however some more documentation on it would be nice. Does it use the lat/long of your weather station to determine the local sunrise? Does it then subtract the total time of the next planned watering cycle from sunrise to calculate start time? How long before sunrise does it try to finish?

That said, I’m sad a real well pump delay toggle was still not added. Pretty please add a simple on/off toggle and how many minutes to wait between zones in the same schedule. I don’t want to hack up water/soak in some weird way and put zones on multiple schedules. I also wouldn’t mind seeing a “max allowed watering time before delay” that would allow the system to run for a period of time before forcing a well pump delay. This would not be the same as the water/soak principal.


Glad to see an update and that it’s a substantial one.

One question: My usage history seems to be gone. I show zero minutes for March, which is fair, since my system hasn’t run today. But no past usage in the app. On the website I can download a CSV of my past usage back to July, but it’s all zeros.

Anyone else seeing this? Is this just a byproduct of the upgrade?

Hey @gadgetfan-

This support article covers your questions on usage. Let me know if there is anything else i can help with!

McKynzee :rachio:

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So does the SmartThings integration need to be updated to take advantage of the pause feature through that? I really want to be able to pause and resume watering based on motion!