It’s here! Rachio V3.0 App Update Released


I guess that addresses my uncertainty about Flex Daily schedule settings. However Rain and Saturation settings are available on Flex Monthly schedules.


On my WeatherTRAK I could only have what was effectively a flexible daily schedule… Then there was a setting for each zone that was the usable rain setting. This could be set between 0 and 100%. If I have a zone that is 100% under cover I’d set this setting to 0%. If I have a zone that is under heavy tree cover I may set it to around 40%. This way all the other zones can react as they should to forecasted rain but zones that don’t receive that rain have no way to use a flexible daily schedule and not account for the rainfall.


I’ll give that a try, thanks.


I’m trying to understand - why did you think it’s a good idea to delete access from shared controllers in a V3 update?

My installer certainly didn’t know this update was coming. Why on earth would you delete access from your customers this way?

All over a minor app update? It makes zero sense. Help me understand.

I’m in a torrential rainstorm and I’m up after midnight scrambling to figure out how to save my landscape from over-irrigation in the rain.

I can’t just contact my installer at 11:30pm at night. I have to wait until morning, but the schedule starts at 5am.

So the whole thing was a mess. Bottom line: Never, EVER yank access from your users.

This is exactly the reason why people don’t trust wifi-enabled products. You can’t trust the companies with the auto-updates.


No, Rachio was not on it. There was nothing amiss with my log-in. Rachio set a policy that was designed to remove access from ALL users with shared access. It’s senseless to have users open up an app and discover all their access has been taken away without notification or warning.





I have managed to download it on a crusty of device running 6.0.1. But this then migrated the account rending the old rachio app useless on my day to day device



Thanks for the post, I’ve forwarded this to the team, they love this. Most people don’t realize the “heavy” lifting that we’ve done on the backend infrastructure, thanks for appreciating that! It’s a micro-service architecture that is going to allow us to build out new features at a much faster pace.

Have a great weekend!



@callmemaestro we definitely apologize for the inconvenience. I just want to clear up that shared access wasn’t deleted. It just requires that both parties be on V3, and I understand this is frustrating.

Unfortunately (and fortunately for future innovation) for us to move onto our new platform, there wasn’t really anyway for shared access to live in both V3 and V2 at the same time. I understand that this is a Rachio problem and not customer problem, and your specific experience was pretty bad, so again, apologies.

I think if you plug your controller back in, you should be good to go now.


Hmm. Ok… interface design change request then to prevent continued confusion. :slight_smile: Instead of hiding options certain schedule types don’t use, the UI could still show them in their normal position and pop a “Not available in this mode” or “This feature is only available in [MODE]” warning if the end user tries to enable it.


This is great to hear. I truly hope it allows a much more iterative process with shorter sprints between feature releases rather than slower big bang releases. :beers: A little more openness on this backend transition may have alleviated a little of the angst while waiting for V3. :slight_smile:


I haven’t had time for that :wink:



Touché, sir! [hat tip] :tophat: :beers:


Hi Lucas. Do you have an ETA on the release of this fix?


Having the same problem as other users. Have IoS iphone 6 with V2.9.2 Rachio app. Hasn’t updated. Web says can’t log in until I update phone to 3.0. App store says app only for IoS users (which I am). IoS is Latest; 11. something. Other apps updating okay, all setting okay. Restarted iphone. restarted controller. logged out on iphone, and back in.

Help please!


Same exact issues here. Thanks for saving me the trouble of writing all that out :slight_smile:


Hi all. Android 8.1 pixel xl. Couldn’t update app. Uninstalled now can’t install. Cleaned play store cache and data. Keep getting 505 error. Any suggestions? I note a couple of others having same issue but didn’t see any fixes.



@radiam Our Android team is researching this and will let you know when identify a resolution. Thanks!



I removed iOS app and reinstalled, the update then came in. I am now able to log in to both IOS and Web via Chrome. I did the iOS login first, then the web interface let me in. Nice redesign, I appreciate your hard work on an already outstanding product!!


Ok, so I ran into a new bug: I set things up for finish before sunrise. My sprinkler set off at 5:09 AM. At 5:10 AM it said that it would skip because of rain (it’s been raining all night). But the sprinklers kept running anyway.

Definitely something is running in the wrong order?