It’s here! Rachio V3.0 App Update Released


Yep, that is the error I am getting.

My phone is encrypted which caused an issue on another app some time ago. That is the only thing I can think of that maybe causing the issue.


Not sure it’s that.

I’ve tried it on an unencrypted Google Pixel a Samsung galaxy tab and a nexus 5.

Same error on each device.

Have tried every option available online for dealing with 505 errors…
No luck


I’d still like to see the ability to be on flexible daily and have a zone that is able to state that it sees none of the rainfall that is forecasted. Really sad to not see that available as it was pretty much the only thing I felt I was really missing from the previous version. Guess I still have to use monthly flexible and skip rain pauses for that one zone still…


Managed to get an old nexus 4 to pick up the app… But pretty disappointed that my main devices are throwing out this error.


For those getting the error, what version of Android are your phone running?


Not sure I follow you on this one? The weather station you have Rachio pointed to would be what would populate actual vs forecasted rainfall. If you aren’t happy with the results of the selected weather station, try another, or you could hook up your own…


Hi @callmemaestro - did you by any chance have your controller installed by someone else? It looks like another individual ‘owns’ your controller and shared it with you. That person needs to upgrade to version 3 for you to see it, which should happen in the next day or so - whenever that person logs in. If you want more info on who shared with you, please PM me.


Hi @DalePorter - we took a look and you have two accounts. Can you log in with your other account? That should take care of everything for you. If you need that username, just PM me. Happy to help.


Hi @SouthernRain - we took a look at your account and you should see all of your shared accounts show up today. Apologies for the inconvenience!


Hey @Dukebox - were you by any chance a beta user with us?


Hey @Dukebox and @Bizza. We have identified an issue that is preventing you from downloading. We have it fixed now and running though a couple of tests to make sure everything works well. We will have this out as soon as possible. I’ll ping this thread once we get it out.



See, Rachio is on it! I knew people that “lost” their data had something amiss with their log-ins…

Overall, I thinking this was a pretty smooth rollout for such a major overhaul. Good job Rachio!


Just a couple of quick questions on V3.

Rain Skip-
IIRC, in V2, rain skip was determined at some time in the early morning based on experienced and forcast rainfall. Is this still the procedure in V3?

Wind Skip-
Can you explain how wind skip is determined? If it is based on the same type of analysis as rain skip in V2, it might be pretty useless. An explanation of how it works would be helpful in determining if it should be applied.

Start/Stop dates-
If I’m not mistaken, V2 did not set start/stop dates for a following year. At least what I remember was that the user had to manually select them at the beginning of the season. Is this still the process?

I also notice that you’ve dropped support for IE11.



In the past people have called out they use a zone or two in order to water plants in a green house, or potted plants under the overhang of a porch. Those zones see zero rainfall even though their other traditional zones out in the yard do get rainfall. Those plants can end up being starved of water if there is a lot of rain activity as the controller then thinks every zone has plenty of moisture when in reality some saw none of the rain.


Hi @scorp508 - one thing to consider here is putting the zones under the porch in another schedule and just turning off rain skip (or any other skip) for that schedule. This will ensure those zones get watered regardless of weather.


I only see Freeze and Wind skip at the per-schedule level unless I’m overlooking it while Rain Skip is over in the global Weather Intelligence page. A rain sensor is also global and would override all schedules.

I’m not personally affected by the lack of this feature, but I can see the value in having rain skip (and Rain Sensor affected or not) per schedule and per zone.


I’m not personally affected by the lack of this feature, but I can see the value in having rain skip (and Rain Sensor affected or not) per schedule and per zone.

At least on the Android version you can set Rain Skip individually for each schedule.


What section is it under? On iOS 3.0.1 under the schedule’s individual Weather Intelligence area there’s only Freeze Skip & Wind Skip.


It’s under Schedules/select schedule/Weather Intelligence - you can set Rain, Freeze, Wind, Saturation, and (if a fixed schedule) Season Shift. If you’re on a flexible schedule the Season Shift choice is not present.

I checked the web site as well and the rain skip setting is presented there as well. That could be a fall back way to control it if/until the setting gets added into the IOS app.

BTW, I’ve only Fixed and Flex Monthly schedules, so don’t know if this is still accurate for a Flex Daily schedule.


Hey @scorp508-

Are you creating/editing a flex schedule? These are the only two Weather Intelligence features available on Flex schedules, which may be causing the issue!

McKynzee :rachio: