How long before Rachio see’s my PWS

Just set up my PWS with weather underground. How long does it normally take before I can see it as an option on my Rachio app?

@Bytored - If you have a Gen 2 see ->

As Gen 1/2 uses Aeris.

Gen 3 may be related to this ->


Should of mentioned I have gen 3.

PWS has only been set up a day now. I was inquiring as to what “normal “ time frame was to see my station in PWS options on the R3. So this at this point probably isn’t a problem unless it “normally “ happens quickly. As of today still not seeing mine.

@Bytored WU is fixing an issue where some PWS are not showing up in our list. I am being told this will be resolved Tuesday. If you still aren’t seeing it early next week PM me and I can help track it down.


Will do. Thanks.

Did we ever get an answer as to how long it should take to show up? I have a Gen3 and set up a PWS yesterday. Just curious when I should be able to see it.


At least 2-3 days. If you don’t see it in a few days we can reach out to IBM/WU.


Thanks for the fast reply! I’ll look for it in a few days!

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So this morning at roughly 12:30 AM MDT, my weather station appeared and I was able to select it. However now, it does not appear on the list. Could this be due to some Rachio servers having the updated list, while some do not?

Can you provide screenshots?


Thanks. Just sent you a PM

For the group, it took approximately 4 days for my new PWS to fully propagate from Weather Underground and be available. Everything is working as expected now.

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Could I ask to have this station added?

This has been online fo 5 days but does not appear in weather intelligence.

Thank you

My PWS KTXBURLE151 isn’t showing on Rachio 3. Is there still a delay? I was looking at previous posts from months ago. I have a Rachio 3 with WI+

Yes, your station is new and it takes 3 to 7 days for it to pass WU’s QC process and be made available to 3rd party vendors, such as Rachio.

Thank you