Cant find my weather station?


I am trying to use my pws that transmits to wunderground. I have about 8 stations close by but rachio is only showing 1 of them. it is an ambient weather ws1002


Does your controller come with WI+? Gen 3 or Costco version of Gen 2 controllers have this feature.

If you do not, email me your weather underground station ID to and I’ll be able to help you.


P.S. For those who prefer to setup the interface manually, here is a write-up about how it can be done:

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Thank you for the help. I am able to find my station on the pws weather site now. Just waiting for the rachio app to update it i guess. Not showing there yet. Great write up on how to do it Gene. I couldn’t figure it out till i saw the diagram one.
Thanks again