HomeKit says 17 Updates Available for Rachio

Anyone else have a badge on the iOS Home App for Rachio?

My Home app (HomeKit) is showing that there are 17 updates available for the Rachio and that I should got the Rachio app to update. There is no such update in the Rachio app.

My wife got the same notification on her iPhone 8+ and iPad 7th generation yesterday and I got it on my iPad Pro 9.7" (vintage 2016) today. There’s a firmware update available for my Rachio v3, but that shouldn’t generate a HomeKit message saying 17 updates are available! We’re running the latest versions of iOS and iPadOS, and our controller is still at firmware 615. Very peculiar. Anyone else?

The annoying part for me is that there appears to be no way to update the firmware in the Rachio app.

Same here and no idea how to clear those notifications. Can’t see a way to update anything in the app.

More // Controller Settings // Technical Info // Firmware version (at the bottom)

Note: If you’re at version 615 like me, don’t update to version 632 or you may find that your HomeKit support has disappeared.

I’m on 630. I’m not itching to move to 632.

Hmm just started with Rachio and my controller firmware is on 632. And HK is working for me. Did you see it stop working entirely? Or did you lose functionality?

I had this same problem. After some searching, I figured out how to update it.

In the Rachio app (iPhone)
Click More at bottom right
Controller Settings
Technical Info

Hope this helps.

HomeKit works fine for me at firmware 615. I’m referring to issues that have been reported with firmware 632 as discussed in threads such as the one below. Rachio has been providing weekly updates on the status of HomeKit going forward.

Rachio 3 Not Responding in HomeKit (Again)

I’m on 632, but still get these notifications in HomeKit.

@laura.bauman Laura, this is what we’re seeing. Would you kindly pass this along? Thanks.



For what it’s worth, I also unplugged and plugged back in Rachio after the update and am no longer seeing the red bubbles shown above.

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L oh L

I take it back. “Not responding“. Fun.

Pinging the HK powers that be! Thanks for the heads up @milehiguy. (FYI, Michael is out this week so might be a slight delay in response, but I’ll bother his team in his absence :wink: )

also, cc @franz


Thanks @laura.bauman

Same issue over here but 9 updates.

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I take it you have an 8-Zone controller.

Interesting observation

I have the Rachio 3, 12-zone version (from Costco) and my Home app shows 13 updates available. So, based on my controller and what others have said above, it appears that the number of updates the Home app will show for your controller = #zones for your controller +1. :slight_smile:
BTW, I had Rachio support revert my controller back to firmware 6.15 (from 6.32) after having HomeKit issues.


@laura.bauman … Hello again Laura. Very important post from @Jay123 above re: the correlation between # of bogus HomeKit notifications we’re getting and the # of zones our device controls (8, 12, or 16). Please pass along to @Michael_I and @franz … thanks.

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