Home Automation System Support besides Wink


I just spent the most frustrating weekend trying to get Wink to work and I am shipping it back to Amazon today to get my money back. So the question I have now is whether there are any other home automation systems that Rachio officially supports?



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@dwilliam_houston‌ Here are the current systems we are integrated with:


We are finishing up our SmartThings integration soon and will have Homekit integration next year, are there others you were looking at?



Please look into adding Vera support. Vera has a very active community and even a forum dedicated to irrigation controllers: http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/board,30.0.html

All Vera models supports LuuP and UPnP:


@HickBoy‌ Thanks for pointing this out, will definitely look into it.


Any movement/progress on Vera integration? It’s a VERY popular platform and many of us would enjoying controlling our sprinklers from our Vera interface.

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Does this mean that the ST integration is back in progress, I recall seeing that it was put on hold for some time. Also with HomeKit devices requiring some new security chips does this mean for those that want HomeKit integration we will have to get a new Rachio Device that supports HomeKit?


Never mind i just saw your response in another thread:

consider Control4! It’s a great overall system.

please do add Vera support or a Vera app. it is very simple to support it.

@eyali, just curious, what plugins are you currently using Vera for?

How would you use it with your Iro?

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Using Vera to control all z-wave devices I have

  • Kwikset locks
  • door sensors
  • flood sensors
  • light switch
  • motion sensors
  • wireless cameras (monitor only)
  • alarm

I also use Vera through a plug in for Nest thermostat and for Chamberlain garage door control (myQ).

Vera is not the most friendly interface out there and mostly used by advanced users, automation junkies :smile: like me, but it gives you full control of your house z-wave or others…


I totally agree! Please add support for Vera.

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No zwave solution is. I opted for razberry since I have a raspberry pi 2. Everybody has gone after these ui’s that are just a thin wrapper over the zwave protocol.

But honestly, until I get real flow sensor support, I have shelved my http device driver to the iro.

I’m hopeful that the zway guys get their HomeKit working again, but from what I have read that might require an Apple TV to act as the gateway. :frowning:

And before ppl beat me up over using a raspberry, keep in mind, I have a portable power pack for charging an iPhone that acts as a ups and will run the device for 4 hours. At least I can still interact with my battery operated devices like my door locks over my backup ad hoc network.

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Thanks for the feedback @eyali. How do you like the Nest & Chamberlain plugins? Are they missing any functionality that requires you to use their native app on a regular basis?

@plainsane, I’m trying to remember, what type of flow sensor do you have? Or are you still evaluating makes/models? I think the last time we discussed flow sensors was in this topic.

I have a toro tfs-100 in the box, just didn’t get it on the main yet as the iro doesnt support it.

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Thanks @plainsane.

HouseLogix wrote a plugin for Control4 integration, but its almost as expensive as the unit itself! :frowning:

Openhab anybody?


I would be interested on hearing what you believe might of been the problem on getting Wink and Rachio to work together. Could it be a Rachio problem? My Gen 2 is currently connected to my router but I’m thinking on buying Wink to connect other devices including Rachio.

Thank you in advance for replying.

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Currently, my Gen2 is ‘connected’ with Wink, but the integration is wacky. It says it is watering when it is not, the zone#s are all mismatched. Plus, disabled zones show enabled, enabled zones show disabled, etc. The Wink integration is useless at the moment. Called Wink the other day and it appears they are aware of it and ‘might’ be remedied in the next WinkApp release. They made it sound like it is not a ‘Gen2’ thing and it is an overall integration issue. Since I am new to Rachio this year, I am none the wiser as to whether it ever worked or would still be working with a Gen1.
Rachio team, are you aware of this? I see you posted something back in February that Wink was updating their integration, but not necessarily that it might be taking this long.