Generation 2!

Thanks Franz … It’s definitely not a commercial sensor, but the price point is right :grinning:
It would be nice to be able to buy a “cheaper” sensor than have to fork out $150+ to monitor flow.

The Hunter FCT100 is $46 on Amazon

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I believe that is the PVC body only.

Wow, are flow sensors really $200? That really makes me wonder if it’s worth upgrading to the 2nd gen. It would take a lot of water savings to offset that cost.

Per a hunter manual -

Hunter controllers equipped with flow terminals will have approximately 20 VDC present on the flow sensor terminals, with no flow input.


Lists the sensors specs at 24VAC

That’s a 1/2" sensor if I’m looking at it correctly? That wouldn’t support much flow.

Yeah … that was just a quick example. They make those cheap sensors in different sizes. :wink:

That is a flow on/off switch not a flow meter.

Anyway, those cheap hall effect sensors can be converted to work with 34vdc with a little switching dc-dc converter or even a zener regulator and a transistor. As for accuracy, who knows but really the important part is leak detection like when a zone is using a significant % more water than average so should be good enough. Those of us with drip systems don’t have high flow rates anyway.

well, the idea is to do a few things like stop watering if the flow rate is higher than normal, aka you have a busted head.

if the controller is not running but flow is detected, alert someone that a valve has failed or some other erroneous water flowing condition.

or like for me, the most important thing, detect how many gallons i have used to prevent me from falling into a higher pricing tier with my municipality. im about to switch over to a well, but i will still be on government water for some time, then i can fall back to using it to detect errors in my irrigation system.

if a $200 dollar sensor keeps that from happening for 3 months (june, july, august) it has paid for itself.


For me, this would be the reason. At the higher tiers, I’m paying $10+ per thousand gallons. A busted pipe added 20,000 gallons to my usage before I noticed it. Of course, best case, no pipes burst or heads break and it detects nothing. But I sure would have liked to have detected the problem earlier.

Also, it would be a good way to quickly calculate precipitation rate. If you know the area (easily measured) and the flow rate, you could easily calculate the inches per hour applied by the sprinkler system. No tuna cans and a stop watch. Of course, still smart to scatter tuna cans around to ensure even coverage.

But your correct, its a huge cost. If water was cheap it wouldn’t be worth it. And I have gone 8 years w/o a busted sprinkler pipe or sprinkler head. But this year, I was bit by 3 of them…


Hey @Ry_L,

If you are interested in purchasing a Gen 2, my suggestion is to upgrade using this very special pricing. We won’t be offering the 8 zone at this price.

I took advantage of the great upgrade offer. Then I saw a shipment show up on my FedEx tracker and got all excited. Then the shipment was cancelled. oh well. I can wait.

That’s odd. I’m not sure why it was canceled. If you don’t get a notification by Monday, please contact

@franz, great to hear this announcement. I’ve been off the Community for awhile, since my version 1 controller has just been rocking and rolling - especially with the integration into my PWS via Netatmo. I just placed the order for the Gen2 upgrade - looks sweet. I think the flow sensor added features and manual control from the controller are reasons enough.

A few other questions:

  1. Integration into Amazon Echo / Alexa ----
    I’ve had the Echo now for over 2 months and the family is hooked. For the integration into Rachio (Gen 1 and Gen 2), are the skills natively applied into Alexa or do I need to go into the Alexa app and activate a new “Rachio” skillset?

  2. Passing old controller over to friends/family ----
    You mention that when the new Gen 2 arrives, that “I’ll receive new mounting hardware and a welcome package so I can pass on my old controller to friends, family or that neighbor that could use some help conserving water and saving money.” When I remove the Gen 1 controller, I assume I remove the old mounting hardware as well and pass this along. Prior to doing so, is there any need to factory reset the Gen 1 controller prior to passing it along (or attempting to re-sell it)?

Love your company and cause. Question 3 might be “when is the IPO date”? :smile: Thanks again!

This is a new skillet. Let us know what you think, always looking for feedback!

If you want to copy your gen 1 settings (schedules, zones) than I would install the gen 2, use the copy feature at the end of the pairing process, and then delete the gen 1 from your account. Note that zone and event history is not copied. I believe the pass it on instructions include these steps.

Maybe after gen 10? :wink:


An ipo always spells the end of a great era. I hope it is gen 100


Have you thought about doing a “trade-in” program for the Generation 1 customers? Or maybe offering them a discount if they send in their 1st Generation.

Existing gen 1 users were sent an email in regards to a pass along program that included a discounted gen 2.

If you are an existing owner and did not receive an email please let us know.



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I am an existing owner and did not receive the email offering to upgrade to Gen 2. (1st registration) (2nd registration)
Thank you

@Jocco, could you please shoot an email to Our sales team will sort things out for you.

Best, Emil