Generation 2!


Well done for getting Gen2 to the market.

As an existing Gen1 user, I am in the market for another 2 controllers (3 in total for my irrigation requirements).

Will the Gen2 hardware support the ability to mesh all controllers as one so that they know about each other and that scheduling conflicts will be eliminated?

I understand that the software may need coding to support mesh functionality, but am looking at benefits of hardware capabilities in purchasing decision.

Many thanks, keep up the good work.


This functionality is not currently scheduled for the year.



Will there be a discount to upgrade to the 8 sensor version? I only have 3 zones currently (adding 2-3 more this year for the front yard) so 16 seems overkill. But, it would suck to miss out on a good discount to upgrade, seeing as I bought my Gen 1 in October and used it for about a month before winterizing.


Then could you please plan for a discount on the other one too? :grinning: And let us know before March 2? Or allow us to take a rain check on the discount? I only have 3 zones, soon to be 5 or 6, but I don’t need 16.


Hopefully can be calibrated to work with any pulse output flow sensors, like cheap Chinese ones.


As long as we know the K-factor and offset for the meter, not a problem. We’ve built the list so it can easily be added to.



Flow sensor man, I’m so fired up I,can’t stand it.


I would upgrade in a heartbeat if you could better get large installs greater than 16 zones to play nicely.


I have not received an email as a Gen 1 user?


Hey @Lorick, apologies. Could you check the email you use with your Rachio account? That’s where we pulled it from.

If it isn’t there, could I ask you to email They’ll check your emails and get you the correct code.

Thank you!


I’m excited to hear about this announcement.

I ordered my 2nd gen yesterday. Are they in-stock and immediately shipping?


Yes, in stock. You’ll receive an email when it’s on it’s way.

Thanks for ordering!


I was wondering how the flow sensor is integrated into the clock. Will it send me a message if it senses water flow when the clock is not running? Also will I be able to set a baseline of water flow for each zone so if it senses more water flow it will alert me to a possible leak?


@Munch, great questions. While the Gen 2 has the ability to take a flow sensor, the software and specific integration is still in development. That part is coming soon. We will announce specifics as soon as possible (we can’t wait for it either).



Will you be able to support a flow sensor like this?


I talked to our hardware folks and the answer is no.

Our board has 34VDC which exceeds that modules Working Voltage of 24V

I believe the standard irrigation flow sensors use 34V. They said this sensor looks like more for a hobbyist.



Thanks Franz … It’s definitely not a commercial sensor, but the price point is right :grinning:
It would be nice to be able to buy a “cheaper” sensor than have to fork out $150+ to monitor flow.


The Hunter FCT100 is $46 on Amazon


I believe that is the PVC body only.


Wow, are flow sensors really $200? That really makes me wonder if it’s worth upgrading to the 2nd gen. It would take a lot of water savings to offset that cost.